Troubleshooting - Electrolux PURE 9 Series Instruction Book

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The air purifier does not
The fan does not
The air quality does not
The appliance is very loud.
The fan speed does not
change after selecting a
new fan speed.
The appliance produces a
strange smell.
The app does not operate
properly or it is not
possible to onboard the
appliance on the app.
The Loading LED flashes
quickly during operation.
For any further problems, contact an authorized Electrolux service centre.
• Check if the power plug is disconnected. Push the power plug firmly into the
electrical outlet.
• Check if the house fuse is blown or the circuit breaker tripped. Replace the
fuse with a time delay type or reset the circuit breaker.
• Ensure that the air intake door (image 8) is closed properly, and the filter is
installed correctly, then retry using the purifier.
• Check if the windows or doors are opened. Close all doors, windows and other
openings connecting to the outside of the room.
• Ensure that there are no obstacles near the appliance and that it has a
minimum of 30 cm of clearance around it for optimal operation.
• The fan speed will decrease or increase gradually, this is normal. If it does not
change after a prolonged period of time after the input then please reach out
to an Electrolux authorized servicer for support.
• The first time you use the purifier, you might perceive a plastic or paint smell.
This is normal, but it should disappear quickly. If the smell persist or if you
sense a burning smell, please disconnect the purifier and reach out to an
Electrolux authorized servicer for support.
• Please reach out to an Electrolux authorized servicer for support on the topic.
• If this problem occurs the unit is not working normally. Unplug the unit from
the electrical outlet and plug it again after 30 seconds. If the problem remains
please reach out to an Electrolux authorized servicer for support.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents