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Electrical Information
WARNING! Avoid fire hazard or electric shock.
If you are not sure the outlet is adequately grounded
or protected by a time delay fuse or circuit breaker,
have a qualified electrician install the proper outlet
according to the National Electrical Code and
applicable local codes and ordinances.
Do not use an extension cord or an adapter plug.
Never unplug the unit by pulling on the power cord.
Always grip the plug firmly and pull straight out from
the receptacle.
Do not pinch, bend, or knot the power cord.
Do not cut or damage the power cord. If the power
cord is damaged, it should only be replaced by an
authorized Electrolux servicer. This unit contains no
user- serviceable parts. Always call an authorized
Electrolux servicer for repairs.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced
by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly
qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
Be sure to unplug the unit before cleaning to prevent
shock or fire hazards.
Safety Precautions
CAUTION! Avoid Serious Injury or Death.
Do not insert or place fingers or objects into the air
discharge area or front grille of the unit.
Do not start or stop the unit by unplugging the power
cord or turning off the power at the electrical box.
In the event of a malfunction (sparks, burning smell,
etc.), immediately stop the operation, disconnect the
power cord, and call an authorized Electrolux servicer.
Do not operate the unit with wet hands.
Do not pull on the power cord.
CAUTION! Avoid Injury or damage to the unit or other
Do not direct airflow at fireplaces or other heat
related sources as this could cause flare ups.
Do not climb on or place objects on the unit.
Do not hang objects off the unit.
Do not place containers with liquids on the unit.
Turn off the unit at the power source when it will not
be used for an extended period of time.
Operate the unit with air filter in place.
Do not block or cover the intake grille, discharge area
and outlet ports.
Ensure that any electrical/electronic equipment is 30
cm away from the unit.
This symbol on the product or on its packaging
indicates that the product may not be treated
as household waste.
To recycle your product, please take it to an official
collection point or to an Electrolux service center that
can remove and recycle the battery and electric parts
in a safe and professional way. Follow your country's
rules for the separate collection of electrical products
and rechargeable batteries.
Thank you for choosing the Electrolux air purifier
PURE A9-40/PURE A9-60.
Always use original accessories and spare parts to
get the best results. This product is designed with the
environment in mind. All plastic parts are marked for
recycling purposes.


• Read this manual carefully.
• Check that all parts described are included.
• Pay special attention to the safety precautions!
Picture pages 4-5
Place the product according to the instructions
below for optimal operation and results:
Operate the air cleaner in an enclosed area.
Close all doors, windows, and other openings
connecting to the outside of the room.
Place the air cleaner in a location that does
not restrict the airflow through the top of the
The appliance must be placed on a leveled floor
that can support it.
There should be a minimum of 30 cm of clearance
around the appliance.
Remove the plastic protective bag from the
multi-layer filter:
Pull the Fabric handle outward to remove the air
intake door.
Take out the multi-layer filter pulling it out by the
Remove the plastic protective bag from the multi-
layer filter.
Reinstall the multi-layer filter into the appliance.
Plug in the appliance and tap (touch and release)
the " " button to turn it on.
NOTE: It will take about 10 seconds for the sensor
to analyze the air quality, during this time the
Loading LED and the Air quality light will pulsate
slowly in white. Each time the appliance is turned
on the SMART mode is activated automatically
and the fan runs in low speed until the air quality

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents