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10. Use pot holders, when lifting the Steaming Bowl, Drip Tray, or Rice Bowl by its handles after


Add fresh or dried herbs to the Flavor Scenter Screen to spice up healthy foods. Thyme, cilantro,
basil, dill, curry, and tarragon are just a few herbs and spices along with garlic, caraway, or
horseradish that enhance flavor with no need to add salt. When using the Flavor Scenter Screen:
I Try the suggested flavoring in the Steaming Guide or use your favorite herbs.
I Flavor suggestions are for 1/2 to 3 teaspoons of dried herbs or spices. If using fresh herbs, chop
leaves and triple the amount.
I To prevent small herbs or ground spices from falling through the Flavor Scenter Screen, rinse or
wet the screen before adding seasonings.
• Always place the Divider in the Steaming Bowl before you start steaming, even if
empty and food is to be added later.
• If steaming foods with different water levels, use the higher level.
• Place larger amounts of food (3 cups or less) in the Bowl and smaller amounts (2 cups or
less) in the Divider.
• Foods can be started at the same time or added to the Divider later (see "Steaming Guide".)
• Check doness often. Cooking times may be different from when the Divider is not used.
• If food in the Divider is done first, use a pot holder, open the Cover away from you to
avoid escaping steam, and remove the Divider.

Care Guide


CAUTION: Unplug and allow the Steamer to cool before washing.
I Bowls, Cover, Divider, and Drip Tray: Wash in hot, sudsy water. Rinse
and dry all parts. May be washed in a dishwasher.
I Water Reservoir: (Interior of Base) Pour hot, sudsy water into Water
Reservoir. Use a non-abrasive plastic brush or mesh pad to clean the inte-
rior. Rinse with clean, hot water.
I Special Care for Heater Element: After a while, the Heater surface may dis-
color. Do not cover Base with any Steamer parts while cleaning. To clean:
• Pour vinegar into the Base to the "Hi" fill line.
• Plug unit in and turn Timer ON for approximately 20 minutes.
• Do not allow solution to boil over or spill onto exterior surfaces.
• When bell sounds and cooking Light goes out, unplug, pour out vine-
gar solution, and use a non-abrasive brush to scrub the Heater Element.
Rinse with fresh water.
I Over time, there may be some discoloration of the Drip Tray and interior of
the Base after repeated use of herbs/spices. This is normal.
I Exterior of Base: Wipe Base and cord with a damp cloth, then dry
thoroughly. Never immerse Base in liquid or place in dishwasher.

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