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Black & Decker HS900 Use And Care Book Manual page 4

Black & decker use and care manual flavor scenter steamer plus food/rice cooker hs900
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Table of Contents
Figure A
Flavor Scenter
Figure B
Steaming Bowl
Figure C
9. The Rice Bowl can also be used for cooking vegetables or other foods with sauces,
poaching chicken or fish in liquids, or reheating foods like casseroles.
3. Place herbs in the Flavor Scenter Screen for
added flavor. (Figure B) (See "Flavor Scenter
Drip Tray
Tips"). You may use the Drip Tray without adding
herbs to the Flavor Scenter if you prefer.
NOTE: Use the Drip Tray whenever the Rice
Bowl is not used. It prevents fats/juices from
dripping into the water and bubbling up into the
Steaming Bowl. If you like, save these juices for
gravy, sauce, or soup starters.
4. Place food in the Steaming Bowl and cover it so
that the Cover handles line up over the Bowl han-
dles and the tabs fit properly into the openings.
5. Put the Steaming Bowl onto the Base, plug in
and set the Timer for the desired cooking time,
up to 75 minutes. When the time is up, a bell will
ring, the cooking Light will go out, and the unit
will automatically shut off. Some liquid will
remain in the Reservoir.
CAUTION: Always use pot holders to remove the
Cover. Be sure to lift the Cover away from your
face and body to avoid escaping hot steam.
NOTE: If the desired cooking time is less than 15
minutes, first turn the Timer past 15 and then
turn it back to the desired cooking time.
6. The adjustable Bowl Divider lets you steam
two foods at once. However, different foods may
require different steam times. See "Bowl Divider
7. The Cover can be turned over and used as a
trivet for the Steaming Bowl. (Figure C) Unplug,
remove the Steaming Bowl, and place on the
inverted Cover.
8. When cooking in the Rice Bowl, add rice,
herbs, seasonings, and water directly to the
Bowl and fill the water Reservoir to the appropri-
ate line. Put the Steaming Bowl onto the Base
and place the Rice Bowl with contents into the
Steaming Bowl.
NOTE: Do NOT use the Drip Tray or Flavor Scenter
Screen with the Rice Bowl.

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Table of Contents

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