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Black & Decker 90564630 Instruction Manual page 4

Black & decker cordless screwdriver with retratable screw holder
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Safety Warnings and Instructions: Batteries
• Do not disassemble or open, drop (mechanical abuse), crush, bend or deform, puncture,
or shred.
• Do not modify or remanufacture, attempt to insert foreign objects into the battery,
immerse or expose to water or other liquids, or expose to fire, excessive heat including
soldering irons, or put in microwave oven.
• Only use the battery for the cordless tool system for which it was specified.
• Only use the battery with a charging system specified by the manufacturer/supplier.
• Do not short-circuit a battery or allow metallic or conductive objects to contact both
battery terminals simultaneously.
• Dispose of used batteries promptly according to the manufacturer/supplierʼs instructions.
• Improper battery use may result in a fire, explosion, or other hazard.
• Battery usage by children should be supervised.
WARNING: Never attempt to open the battery pack for any reason. If battery pack
case is cracked or damaged, do not insert into charger. Do not crush, drop or damage
battery pack. Do not use a battery pack or charger that has received a sharp blow, been
dropped, run over or damaged in any way (i.e., pierced with a nail, hit with a hammer,
stepped on). Damaged battery packs should be returned to service center for recycling.
Safety Warnings and Instructions: Charging
1. This manual contains important safety and operating instructions.
2. Before using battery charger, read all instructions and cautionary warnings on battery
charger and product using battery.
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of injury, use
charger only with this product. Batteries in other products may burst causing personal
injury or damage.
3. Do not expose charger to rain or snow.
4. Use of an attachment not recommended or sold by Black & Decker may result in a
risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.
5. To reduce risk of damage to electric plug and cord, pull by plug rather than cord when
disconnecting charger.
6. Make sure cord is located so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over, or otherwise
subjected to damage or stress.
7. An extension cord should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Use of improper
extension cord could result in a risk of fire, electric shock or electrocution.
8. Use only the supplied charger when charging your tool. The use of any other charger
could damage the tool or create a hazardous condition.
9. Use only one charger when charging.


Table of Contents

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