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Warning Symbols; Additional Safety Instructions For Bat- Teries And Chargers - Black & Decker GPC1800L Original Instructions Manual

Black & decker cordless pole pruner user manual
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Warning symbols

The following warning symbols are found on the
Warning! To reduce the risk of
injury, the user must read the
instruction manual.
Do not use the tool in wet conditions
or expose it to rain.
Always wear head and eye protection.
Wear non-slip safety footwear.
Beware of falling objects. Keep by-
standers away.
Electrocution hazard. Keep at least
10 m
10 m away from overhead lines.
To ensure continued safe operation,
check the chain tension as described
in this manual after every 10 minutes
of use, and adjust back to a clearance
of 3 mm as required. Oil the chain
after every 10 minutes of use
Direction of rotation of the chain.
Warning! Do not touch chain at the
chip ejection point.
Additional safety instructions for bat-
teries and chargers
Never attempt to open for any reason.
Do not expose the battery to water.
Do not expose the battery to heat.
Do not store in locations where the temperature
may exceed 40 °C.
Charge only at ambient temperatures between
10 °C and 40 °C.
Charge only using the charger provided with the
applaince/tool. Using the wrong charger could
result in an electric shock or overheating of the
When disposing of batteries, follow the
instructions given in the section "Protecting the
(Original instructions)
Do not damage/deform the battery pack either
by puncture or impact, as this may create a risk
of injury and fire.
Do not charge damaged batteries.
Under extreme conditions, battery leakage may
occur. When you notice liquid on the batteries
Carefully wipe the liquid off using a cloth. Avoid
skin contact.
In case of skin or eye contact, follow the
instrucitons below.
Warning! The battery fluid may cause personal
injury or damage to property. In case of skin
contact, immediately rinse with water. If red-
ness, pain or irritation occurs seek medical
attention. In case of eye contact, rinse im-
mediately with clean water and seek medical
Your charger has been desinged for a specific
voltage. Always check that the mains voltage cor-
responds to the voltage on the rating plate.
Warning! Never attempt to replace the charger
unit with a regular mains plug.
Use your Black & Decker charger only to
charge the battery in the applaince/tool with
which it was supplied. Other batteries could
burst, causing personal injury and damage.
Never attempt to charge non-rechargeable
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer or an authorised
Black & Decker Service Centre in order to avoid
a hazard.
Do not expose the charger to water.
Do not open the charger.
Do not probe the charger.
The appliance/tool/battery must be placed in a
well ventilated area when charging.
Labels on the charger
The following symbols are found on your charger:
The charger is intended for indoor
use only
Read the instruction manual before

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