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Protecting The Environment - Black & Decker GPC1800L Original Instructions Manual

Black & decker cordless pole pruner user manual
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Regularly clean the motor houseing using a damp
cloth. Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based
Regularly open the chuck and tap it to remove any
dust from the interior (when fitted).
After use and before storage
Regularly clean the ventilation slots with a
clean, dry paint brush.
To clean the tool, use only mild soap and a
damp cloth. Never let any liquid get inside the
tool and never immerse any part of the tool into
Remove debris using a hard brush.
Lubricate the chain with oil.
Installing and removing the saw chain
(fig. G & H)
Warning! Always wear protective gloves when
installing or removing the saw chain. The saw
chain is sharp and can cut you when it is not
Place the tool on a firm and stable surface.
Loosen the screws (16) using the Allen key
provided. Remove the screws.
Remove the sprocket cover (5) and the bar
clamp (17).
Turn the screw (18) counterclockwise to allow
the guide bar (6) to recede and to reduce the
tension on the saw chain (7).
Remove the old saw chain from the sprocket
(19) and the guide bar (6).
Place the new saw chain in the groove of the
guide bar and around the sprocket. Make sure
that the teeth are facing the correct direction by
matching the arrow on the saw chain with the
arrow on the housing.
Make sure that the slot (20) in the guide bar
is over the location pins (21) and that the hole
(22) below the slot is located over the adjust-
ment pin (23).
Re-fit the sprocket cover (5) and the bar clamp
(17) and the screws (16).
Tighten the screws (16) using the Allen key
Adjust the chain tension as described below.
To ensure continued safe operation, the chain
and guide bar must only be replaced with original
Black & Decker parts. Replacement chain part
number A6158 replacement guide bar part number
(Original instructions)
Checking and adjusting the chain tension
(fig. G)
Check the saw chain tension. The tension is
correct when the saw chain (7) snaps back
after being pulled away 3 mm from the saw
chain bar with light force from the middle finger
and thumb. There should be no 'sag' between
the guide bar (6) and the saw chain (7) on the
To adjust the tension:
Loosen the screws (16).
Turn the screw (18) clockwise.
Warning! Do not over-tension the chain as this
will lead to excessive wear and will reduce the
life of the bar and chain.
Once the chain tension is correct, tighten the
screws (18).
Warning! When the saw chain is new, check the
tension frequently during the first two hours of
use as a new saw chain stretches slightly.
Oiling the chain
The saw chain must be oiled before each use and
after cleaning using only the correct grade of oil
(cat. no. A6027).
Oil the whole saw chain (7) evenly using the
applicator (9).
When the tool will not be used for several months,
ideally leave the battery connected to the charger.
Otherwise proceed as follows:
Fully charge the battery.
Remove the battery from the tool.
Store the tool and battery in a secure and dry
The storage temperature must always remain in
the range of +10 °C to +40 °C. Place the battery
on a level surface.
Before using the tool after prolonged storage,
fully charge the battery again.

Protecting the environment

Separate collection. This product must
not be disposed of with normal house-
hold waste.
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker
product needs replacement, or if it is of no further
use to you, do not dispose of it with household
waste. Make this product available for separate

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