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Authorize/Disable Id Cards - Honeywell ACC 50 Installation Instructions Manual

Access control system for up to 99 contactless id cards
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Installation Instructions ACC 50

Authorize/disable ID cards

Authorize ID card
Open or close the switch of the timer according to the desired time zone "A" or "B".
Move the PROGRAM card into the field.
The flashing rhythm of the yellow LED has now increased. The device is now in the programming
All ID cards which are now moved into the field have access rights in the corresponding time zone.
After every correct programming process, the green LED lights up. Within 8 seconds, the next ID card
can be authorized.
If you wish to switch to operating mode, move the PROGRAM card a second time into the field, the
ACC 50 then switches to operating mode. The operating mode is displayed by the slowly flashing
yellow LED.
Note: If the ACC 50 is in the programming mode and there is no action after 8 seconds, it switches
automatically to operating mode.
Disable ID cards
Open or close the switch of the timer according to the desired time zone "A" or "B".
In order to switch the ACC 50 to disable mode, move the CLEAR card into the field. The disable mode
is also displayed by rapid flashing.
Move the card which requires disabling into the field. If the disabling process is correct, the red LED
lights up for approx. 1 second. All authorized ID cards which are moved into the field in disable mode,
are disabled.
A renewed reading of the CLEAR card, switches the ACC 50 to the operating mode.
If there is no action in disable mode for 8 seconds, it switches automatically to operating mode.
Authorize or disable ID card in both time zones
If an ID cards requires authorizing or disabling in both time zone "A" and "B", this process must be
performed when the input "Timer" is open and closed.
Disable non-available cards
Missing an authorized card the memory has to be cleared completely by using the RESET card to
avoid non-authorized access. Afterwards all ID-cards with authorization so
far have to be



Table of Contents

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