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Handling Id Cards; Programming Card Set - Honeywell ACC 50 Installation Instructions Manual

Access control system for up to 99 contactless id cards
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Installation Instructions ACC 50

Handling ID cards

The cards are recognized reliably and clearly on the condition that the distance to the ACC 50 is not
exceeded. The receiver unit of the ACC 50 is in the upper third. The optimum card distance is 5-10
cm, the card, however, should be held, if possible, parallel to the device. In order to ensure that the
card is read reliably, just pass the card in front of the ACC 50.
Principle of contactless cards:
The inside of the card comprises an oscillating circuit and a micro chip which bears the stored code
of the card. The ACC 50 radiates a weak electromagnetic field which is in resonance with the
oscillating circuit of the card. The card modulates the received frequency with its binary pattern,
which is received by the ACC 50.
All contactless cards offered by our comany are unique. Every existing card contains different data

Programming card set

The programming card set comprises 3 cards:
RESET card
The actual mode of the ACC 50 can be switched to using these cards . The programming card
set is programmed by the installer (see "Creating the programming card set").
RESET card:
The ACC 50 switches to programming mode. All subsequent read-in ID cards are authorized
according to the defined time zones (input "timer")
CLEAR card:
The ACC 50 switches to disable mode. In disable mode, ID-cards authorized so far, can be
disabled. All subsequently read-in cards are disabled in teh ACC 50. Notice the corresponding
time zone "A" and "B".
Attention! Clears the data memory completely and resets the ACC 50 to the
basic state.
Only use for initial commissioning or when all ID cards require clearing.
CLEAR card



Table of Contents

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