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Connection Diagram; Connecting External Components - Honeywell ACC 50 Installation Instructions Manual

Access control system for up to 99 contactless id cards
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Installation Instructions ACC 50

5. Connecting external components

Release relay
If you are using a strike with load current function, connect the white and grey line according to the
connection diagram. If using a no-load current door opener, use the white and the pink line.
Door monitoring contact
The door monitoring contact of the door opener is connected to the violet and black line. If the door
monitoring input is not being used, the violet line must be bridged to the black line.
If the door is closed, the door monitoring contact has to be closed as well.
If the secured door can be opened from the inside directly by a door handle, the door monitoring
contact is activated when the room is exited and the alarm relay actuated. In this case the door
monitoring input should not be used.
External door strike key
If an external door strike key is required, this is connected to the green and the black line. The door can
be released with the external door strike key (visitors). In that case it is also possible to exit the room
without triggering an alarm when the door monitoring contact is connected. The release relay remains
energized for the set release time.
Alarm relay
The alarm relay is a potential-free contact which is open in normal operation. In case of an alarm, the
alarm relay is energized and the contact is closed. The grey/pink and blue lines can therefore be used
-Alarm evaluation for intrusion detection systems
-Time relay for acoustic signalling devices
-Optical signalling devices
- ...
Reasons for the energizing of the alarm relay are:
- Door still open after the monitoring time
- Door opened without authorization (door monitoring contact has responded)
The alarm relay is not reset until the cause for the alarm is eliminated.
Only direct voltage door openers may be used, which are equipped with a free
wheeling diode and whose current consumption does not exceed 250mA.
All low voltge lines must be shielded!
If the monitoring contact is not used, the violet line must be bridged to the black



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