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Regular Maintenance; Caution - Mitsubishi Electric M4853 Maintenance Manual

5.25 inch flexible disk drive
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R e g u l a r M a i n t e n a n c e
"Unit life can be affected by damaged parts as a result of dusty
anvironment or excessive operation."
methods as visual inspection, cleaning/change of damaged parts
and regular functional checks will keep the unit in good condition
and enable the discovery of any problem at an early stage.
Time span between maintenance is calculated at an actual operation
rate of 8 hours a day so in case of greater rate, differences
modification is needed.
condition, perform maintenance once a year.
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During maintenance, be careful of dust entering unit, and
damaging head.
Make sure power switch is off first, when starting maintenance.
When put off/on Printed circuit Board (P.C.B.)
Assy, make sure power switch is "off" to protect
semiconductors and ICs.
Do not touch Disk media surface or head directly and do not
bring any ferro magnetic materials near it.
When using this unit for Read data only (when using CE Disk),
be careful of write mode mishandling to protect data.
Do not touch steel belt and do not adjust related mechanism.
Avoid static shock or excessive force to head carriage
assembly because it has been carefully adjusted.
readjust any screws except where specified in this manual.
So Maintenance by such
When operating at a normal environment
To not


Table of Contents