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Hard Disk Drives; Installing Or Swapping A Hard Disk Drive Modules In A Hot-Swap Bay - NEC S1300 User Manual

Disk array unit
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Hard Disk Drives

Installing or Swapping a Hard Disk Drive Modules in a Hot-swap
3-4 Adding and Removing Components
This Manual:
To secure the DAU into the system rack:
1. Install and lock the front bezel.
2. Close the front and rear doors of the system rack.
Your DAU supports two types of Fibre Channel hard disk drive modules. The
Fibre Channel drives must use the industry standard 40-pin Single Connector
Attachment (SCA) connector. The drives used in the DAU are one of these two
36GB disk modules (10,000RPM) and (15,000RPM)
73GB disk modules (10,000RPM)
146GB disk modules (10,000RPM)
This procedure describes installing a new drive or swapping out a faulty drive
from one of the fifteen disk drive bays. The Fibre Channel drives use the
industry standard 40-pin Single Connector Attachment (SCA) connector. Your
DAU shipped from the factory with dummy drive carriers installed in all empty
drive bay positions. These dummy drive carriers have gray ejector buttons.
Drive carriers that have a disk drive installed in them have blue ejector buttons.
To order a disk with a carrier, contact your sales
representative or dealer.
If installing new drives, follow an installation scheme starting with the
left-hand drive. Fill the bays left to right. It is recommended that hot
spare disk drives be installed in the right-most positions.
Hard disk drives may be removed or installed without powering down the
If an individual Fibre Channel drive fault LED (amber light) is on
steadily, this indicates that the drive has been flagged as faulty. Follow
the procedure described in this section to remove the faulty drive and
swap in a good one.
ESD can damage disk drives, boards, and other
parts. This DAU can withstand normal levels of
environmental ESD while you are hot-swapping Fibre
Channel hard drives. However, we recommend that you do
all procedures in this chapter only at an ESD workstation or
provide some ESD protection by wearing an antistatic wrist
strap attached to chassis groundany unpainted metal
surfaceon your DAU when handling parts.


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