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Path Fail-Over Feature; Dynamic Capacity Expansion; Management Software - NEC S1300 User Manual

Disk array unit
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Path Fail-over Feature

The DAU is equipped with two disk array controllers to enable dynamic cross call
control. The two disk array controllers can access to all logical disks. If either of the
disk array controllers fails, the DAU can continue the operation by using the remaining
disk array controller. In order to use this function, optional software may be required, as
well as the operating system.

Dynamic Capacity Expansion

The Dynamic Capacity Expansion feature can be used to add capacity to the RAID 5.
RAID 5 configurations of 3 to 14 drives can be expanded. Physical disks may be added
one at a time, and the expansion can be started only after the previous expansion has
completed. NEC Storage Management or MSMGR are used to initiate the expansion.

Management Software

NEC Storage Management software provided with your DAU, allows you to perform
the following functions from the host computer:
1-12 Disk Array Unit Overview
This Manual:
Setting and resetting RAID configurations (RAID0, 1, 5, 10, and hot spare disk)
Setting of various features
Downloading firmware updates
Collecting error logs.


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