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Siemens SINAMICS G130 Operating Instructions Manual page 14

Sine-wave filter
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Sine-wave filter damage due to interchanged connections
Interchanging the input and output connections will damage the sine-wave filter.
• Connect the incoming cable from the Power Modules to 1U1, 1V1, 1W1.
• Connect the outgoing cable to the load at 1U2, 1V2, 1W2.
Damage to the Motor Module by using components that have not been released
When using components that have not been released, damage or malfunctions can occur
at the devices or the system itself.
• Only use sine-wave filters that SIEMENS has released for SINAMICS.
Risk of damaging the sine-wave filter by exceeding the maximum output frequency
The maximum permissible output frequency when sine-wave filters are used is 115 Hz or
150 Hz. The sine-wave filter can be damaged if the output frequency is exceeded.
• Operate the sine-wave filter with a maximum output frequency of 115 Hz or 150 Hz.
Damage to the sine-wave filter if it is not activated during commissioning
The sine-wave filter may be damaged if it is not activated during commissioning.
• Activate the sine-wave filter during commissioning via parameter p0230 = 3.
Damage to the sine-wave filter if a motor is not connected
Sine-wave filters, which are operated without a motor being connected, can be damaged or
• Never operate a sine-wave filter connected to the Power Module without a connected
Cable lengths
Keep the connecting cables to the Power Module as short as possible (max. 5 m).
Operating Instructions, 11/2017, A5E00992420A
Sinusoidal filter



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