External Music Device; System Settings - Panasonic RF-D100BT Operating Instructions Manual

Dab-fm radio
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Disconnecting a device
While a Bluetooth
Press [MENU].
Turn [TUNE/MENU SELECT] to select
"Disconnect" and then press [ENTER].
Turn [TUNE/MENU SELECT] to select "Yes" and
then press [ENTER].
"Bluetooth Ready" is shown.
To cancel, select "No".
Alternatively, press and hold [
shown to disconnect the device.

External music device

You can play music from an external music device.
• Switch off the equaliser (if any) of the external music
device to prevent sound distortion.
• Decrease the volume of the system before you connect
or disconnect the external music device.
Connect the external music device using an audio
cable (not supplied).
Plug type: Ø 3.5 mm stereo
Press [SELECTOR] repeatedly to select "AUX".
Play the external music device.
To adjust the input level
Press [MENU].
Turn [TUNE/MENU SELECT] to select "Input level"
and then press [ENTER].
Turn [TUNE/MENU SELECT] to select "Normal" or
"High" and then press [ENTER].
• The default setting is "Normal".
• Select "Normal" if the sound is distorted during "High" input
• Read the operating instructions of the external music device
for details.
device is connected
] until "Pairing" is
Audio cable
(not supplied)

System settings

█ To view the System menu
When in DAB, Bluetooth or AUX mode
Press [MENU].
Turn [TUNE/MENU SELECT] to select "System"
and then press [ENTER].
When in FM mode
Press [MENU].
█ To navigate around the menu
Turn [TUNE/MENU SELECT] to select an item or
option. Press [ENTER] to confirm.
Example: Backlight setting displays
The Alarm Wizard is shown.
• Alarm: Alarm Off, Alarm On
Select "Alarm On" to switch on the
• On time: Set the hours and minutes of
start time.
• Snooze: Snooze On, Snooze Off
Select "Snooze On" to switch on the
snooze function. Snooze interval is
5 minutes.
• Source: Buzzer, DAB, FM
Set the audio source.
If FM or DAB is set, select the last
station you tuned in to ("Last listened")
or a preset station as the audio source.
• Set the volume
The alarm starts at a low volume and
increases gradually to the preset level.
" " is shown after you set the alarm.
Stop the alarm
Press and hold [ENTER] to stop the
"Alarm Off" is shown.
Snooze function
Press any button or turn any knob to
put the alarm into snooze mode.
The unit will switch into standby mode
and the " " indicator blinks slowly.
Press [1] to switch on the unit will also
stop the snooze mode.
• The alarm does not work when the unit is
powered by batteries.
• Check that the date and time are set
correctly, or else the alarm may not work as
• The alarm will come on at the set time
every day for a duration of 59 minutes.
• You need to set the alarm again every time
you disconnect and connect the AC power
or after you replace the batteries.
Indicates current setting

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