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Power Sources - Panasonic RF-D100BT Operating Instructions Manual

Dab-fm radio
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Power sources

Using the household mains socket
Connect the AC adaptor firmly to the unit and the
household mains socket.
When the DC IN plug is fully
inserted, there will be a gap between
the plug and the panel, there is no
problem using the unit.
• Do not use any other AC adaptors except the supplied one.
• The unit is in the standby condition when the AC adaptor is
connected. The primary circuit is always "live" as long as the
AC adaptor is connected to an electrical outlet.
█ Charging a portable device
For Australia and New Zealand
The USB port at the rear of the unit can be use to charge
a portable device.
Portable device
(not supplied)
• You can charge the portable device only when the unit is
connected to the household mains socket, either switched
on or in standby mode.
• Some devices cannot be charged as the maximum USB
charging current is 1.0 A only.
• Depending on the type and placement of the portable device
that is connected to the USB port, you may notice a
degradation in radio signal reception.
To household mains socket
USB cable
(not supplied)
Using the batteries (not supplied)
Use alkaline or manganese batteries.
Install the batteries so that the poles (+ and –) align with
those in the unit.
This unit will use the batteries as the power source when
you disconnect the AC adaptor. The battery indicator will
light up.
The battery indicator shows the battery levels.
Be careful when adjusting the antenna or in handling the
unit, always keep the antenna away from your face to
avoid an injury.
When the battery indicator "
of the batteries.
R14/LR14, C
" begins flashing, replace all 4

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