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Black & decker convection countertop oven user manual
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Available languages

There are 4 possible positions for the slide racks. There is an upper and a lower slot;
the rack can also be inverted for 2 additional positions (E).
Position 1
Use lower slots
along oven walls.
Insert rack using a
rack-down position.
Position 3
Use upper slots
along oven walls.
Insert rack using a
rack-down position.
• When the oven is turned on, the blue light will come on and remain illuminated until the oven
is turned off manually or automatically when the timer has been used.
• When selecting baking time for a particular product or recipe, include preheat time.
• This oven has a 60 minute timer. If baking something that will take
longer than 60 minutes, we suggest you use the STAY on feature
• Metal, ovenproof glass and ceramic bakeware without lids can be
used in the oven. If foods require covering, use aluminum foil.
• Be sure the top of the container or food being baked or broiled
is at least 1½ inches away from the upper heating elements.
• Turn all controls to oFF before inserting or removing plug from
electrical outlet.
• do not put any container directly on the lower heating element.
• To obtain the best performance from this toaster oven:
º do not overfill the oven;
º To avoid heat loss do not open the door too frequently;
º When using foil to cover a food, tuck the edges of the foil against the sides of the baking
dish or pan.
• When using BAKe, this oven uses convection technology. It is equipped with a fan that provides
continuous circulation of hot air around the cooking food; the food is more evenly cooked and in
some cases, is cooked faster.


Important: This oven gets hot. When in use, always use oven mitts or potholders when touching
any outer or inner surface of the oven.
For best results, preheat oven for 10 to 15 minutes at desired baking temperature before baking
This oven bakes using convection only.
This function uses an internal fan to distribute the heat evenly.
It is not necessary to alter the baking time or temperature from those given for a recipe or
Position 2
package directions.
Use lower slots
along oven walls.
1. Insert the slide rack into the lower rack position of the oven, engaging articulated hooks as
Insert rack using a
directed above. You may also use the upper rack position, if desired.
rack-up position.
2. Turn temperature selector to desired temperature from 150°F to 450°F.
3. Turn cooking function selector to BAKe.
Position 4
4. Turn time selector to 20 and then turn back or forward to desired baking time, including
Use upper slots
preheat time. (Select STAY on to bake longer than 60 minutes or to control cooking time
along oven walls.
yourself. Be sure to use a kitchen timer.)
Insert rack using a
rack-up position.
Note: You must set the timer or select STAY on for the oven to function.
5. The blue on indicator light comes on and will remain lit during the entire baking time.
6. The heating elements will cycle on and off to maintain even heat distribution.
7. once oven has preheated, open oven door and insert food. Close oven door.
Note: You can bake 3 ways:
9. If not using the oven timer, turn the oven to oFF once cooking cycle is complete.
10. open the oven door. Using oven mitts or pot holders, slide the rack out to remove the
cooked food.
Important: This oven gets hot. When in use, always use oven mitts or potholders when
touching any outer or inner surface of the oven.
11. Unplug appliance when not in use.
• Use the bake pan/ drip tray pan placed on the slide rack.
• Place the broil rack in the bake/broil pan and place the food
directly on the rack (G).
Note: Be sure food does not extend past the outer limits of the
bake pan/drip tray to prevent grease dripping onto the heating
• Use a metal, oven proof glass or ceramic baking dish placed
on the rack in either the upper or lower slot positions. (Be sure
food or baking dish does not come within 1½ inches of the top
heating elements) (H).
8. The first time you use the oven, bake following the
manufacturers' or recipe directions and check for doneness
at minimum suggested cooking time. If using the oven timer,
there will be an audible signal once the baking cycle is
complete. The oven turns oFF and the light goes out.

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