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Electrolux Flymo Series Instruction Manual page 3


Table of Contents
1. Never allow children or people unfamiliar
with these instructions to use the
Hedgetrimmer. Local regulations may
restrict the age of the operator.
2. Only use the Hedgetrimmer in the manner
and for the functions described in these
3. Never operate the Hedgetrimmer when you
are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol,
drugs or medicine.
4. The operator or user is responsible for acci-
dents or hazards occurring to other people
or their property.
1. The British Standards Institute recommend
the use of a Residual Current Device
(R.C.D.) with a tripping current of not more
than 30mA. Even with a R.C.D. installed
100% safety cannot be guaranteed and safe
working practice must be followed at all
times. Check your R.C.D. every time you
use it.
2. Before use, examine cable for damage,
replace it if there are signs of damage or
3. Do not use the Hedgetrimmer if the electric
cables are damaged or worn.
4. Immediately disconnect from the mains elec-
tricity supply if the cable is cut, or the insula-
tion is damaged. Do not touch the electric
cable until the electrical supply has been dis-
connected. Do not repair a cut or damaged
cable. Replace it with a new one.
5. Your electric cable must be uncoiled, coiled
cables can overheat and reduce the efficien-
cy of your Hedgetrimmer.
6. Keep cable away from the cutting area.
7. Never carry the product by the cable
8. Never pull on the cable to disconnect any of
the plugs
9. Do not pull cable around sharp objects.
10. Always switch off at the mains before dis-
connecting any plug, cable connector or
extension cable.
11. Switch off, remove plug from mains and
examine electric supply cable for damage or
ageing before winding cable for storage. Do
not repair a damaged cable, replace it with a
new one. Use only Flymo replacement
12. Always wind cable carefully, avoiding kink-
13. Use only on AC mains supply voltage shown
on the product rating label.
14. Our products are double insulated to
EN60335. Under no circumstance should an
earth be connected to any part of the prod-
Always wear suitable clothing, gloves, and
stout shoes. The use of safety glasses is rec-
ommended. Do not wear loose clothing or
jewellery which can be caught in moving parts.
2. Thoroughly inspect the area where the
Hedgetrimmer is to be used and remove all
wires and other foreign objects.
3. Before using the machine and after any
impact, check for signs of wear or damage
and repair as necessary.
4. Always ensure the hand guard supplied is
fitted before using the Hedgetrimmer. Never
attempt to use an incomplete Hedgetrimmer
or one with an unauthorised modification.
1. Use the Hedgetrimmer only in daylight or
good artificial light.
2. Avoid operating your Hedgetrimmer on a
wet hedge, where feasible.
3. Know how to stop the Hedgetrimmer quickly
in an emergency.
4. Never hold the Hedgetrimmer by the guard.
5. Never operate the Hedgetrimmer with dam-
aged guards or without guards in place.
6. Remove plug from mains before passing
Hedgetrimmer to another person.
7. Avoid operating while people especially chil-
dren are nearby.
8. Whilst using the Hedgetrimmer always be
sure of a safe and secure operating position.
9. Keep hands and feet away from the cutting
means at all times and especially when
switching on the motor.
10. Do not use stepladders whilst operating the
11. Remove the plug from the mains :-
before leaving the Hedgetrimmer unattended
for any period;
before clearing a blockage;
before checking, cleaning or working on the
if you hit an object. Do not use your
Hedgetrimmer until you are sure that the
entire Hedgetrimmer is in a safe operating
if the Hedgetrimmer starts to vibrate abnor-
mally. Check immediately. Excessive vibra-
tion can cause injury;
before passing to another person.
Maintenance and storage
1. Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be
sure the Hedgetrimmer is in safe working
2. Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
3. Be careful during adjustment of the
Hedgetrimmer to prevent entrapment of the
fingers between moving blades and fixed
parts of the machine.
After use the Hedgetrimmer should be stored
using the blade cover/storage holder provided.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents