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How To Use - Black & Decker PowerPro MX50 Use & Care Book

Black & decker powerpro spatula mixer use & care guide
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How To Use

7. When finished, unplug, and eject the Beaters by pressing the Eject Button or pulling up on the
Eject Lever, depending on your specific model.
NOTE: If the Spatula Attachment comes off during use, turn the Mixer "OFF" and unplug
before attempting to reattach the Spatula to the Beaters.
1. Be sure the Mixer is "OFF" and unplugged
before inserting or removing attachments.
Insert each Beater into a hole. You may have
to rotate them slightly until they lock into
2. To use the Spatula, position the attachment
to the right of the Beaters. Weave the top of
the Spatula under the left Beater shaft and
over the right one. The word "Front" on the
Attachment should face out. Snap the
Attachment firmly onto the Beater shafts. (A)
3. Use the Spatula Attachment for thin (pud-
dings, brownie mix) to medium batters (cake
mixes, muffins, frostings) and for mashed
potatoes. It is not recommended when beat-
ing egg whites, whipping cream, or using
whisks, as it reduces volume. Do not use
when mixing thick cookie doughs.
4. If whisks are provided, follow the instruc-
tions for inserting/removing Beaters.
5. As you mix, place the front of the Spatula
Attachment against the side of the bowl and
move it forward slowly along the side to
scrape buildup and blend ingredients back into
the Beaters. (B)
6. To scrape the bowl using a handheld uten-
sil, turn the Mixer "OFF" and place it on it's
Heel Rest so the Beaters can drain into the
bowl. (C)

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