Cleaning And Maintenance - Black & Decker Dustbuster Series Manual

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Table of Contents
Features (fig. A)
1. On/off switch
2. Release button
3. Dust bowl
4. Hanging loop
Fig. A
5. Crevice tool (V2401/V2405/V2405B/
6. Brush tool (V2401/V2405/V2405B/
V4899/V4890C/V4890CN/V6090C -
Fitting the accessories (fig. A & B)
These models are supplied with the
following accessories:
- a crevice tool (5) for confined spaces
- a brush tool (6) for furniture and stairs
To fit an accessory, proceed as follows:
Take the accessories from the
Insert the appropriate accessory into
the front of the appliance.
You may refit the other accessory by
clicking it into the accessory holder.
To refit both accessories:
Slide the crevice tool into the brush.
Push the accessories down until they
click into place.
The appliance can be charged while
placed on a worktop or hung on the
wall using the wall hook provided.
Before first use, the battery must be
charged for at least 16 hours.
Leave the appliance connected to
the charger whenever it is not in use.
Charging the battery (fig. A)
Make sure that the appliance is
switched off. The battery will not be
charged with the on/off switch in the
on position.
Insert the charger plug (8) into the
charger connector (9) at the rear of
the appliance.
Plug in the charger (7). Switch on at
the mains.
Leave the appliance to charge for at
least 16 hours.
Whilst charging, the charger may become
warm. This is normal and does not
indicate a problem. The appliance can be
left connected to the charger indefinitely.
Warning! Do not charge the battery at
ambient temperatures below 4 °C or
above 40 °C.
Switching on and off (fig. D)
To switch on, slide the on/off switch
(1) forward.
To switch off, slide the on/off switch

Cleaning and maintenance

Warning! Regularly clean the filters.
Cleaning the dust bowl and filters
(fig. E & F)
The filters are re-usable and should be
cleaned regularly.
Press the release button (2) and
remove the dust bowl (3).
Empty the dust bowl.
Remove the filters (10 & 11) by
twisting them clockwise.
Wash the filters in warm, soapy
water. The bowl can also be washed
if necessary. Do not immerse the
appliance in water.
Make sure the dust bowl and filters
are dry.
Refit the filters (10 & 11) onto the
appliance, twisting them
counterclockwise until they lock into
Refit the dust bowl onto the
appliance. Make sure the dust bowl
clicks into place.
Warning! Never use the appliance
without the filters. Optimum dust
collection will only be achieved with
clean filters and an empty dust bowl.

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Table of Contents