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Hints And Tips - Electrolux EIV9467 User Manual

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Operating the fan speed
You can also operate the fan from the
hob manually.
when the hob is active.
This deactivates automatic operation of
the function and allows you to change
the fan speed manually.
When you press
speed by one. When you reach an
intensive level and press
set the fan speed to 0 which deactivates
the hood fan. To start the fan again with
the fan speed 1 touch
To activate an automatic
operation of the function,
deactivate the hob and
activate it again.
5.13 OffSound Control
(Deactivating and activating the
Deactivate the hob first.
1. Touch
the function.
The display comes on and goes out.
2. Touch
comes on.
3. Touch
of the following:
4. Wait until the hob deactivates
automatically to confirm your
When the function is set to
hear the sounds only when:


Refer to Safety chapters.
, you raise the fan
again, you
for 3 seconds to activate
for 3 seconds.
of the timer to choose one
- the sounds are off
- the sounds are on
• you touch
• Minute Minder comes down
• Count Down Timer comes down
• you put something on the control
5.14 Power management
• Cooking zones are grouped according
to the location and number of the
phases in the hob. See the illustration.
• Each phase has a maximum
electricity loading of 3680 W.
• The function divides the power
between cooking zones connected to
the same phase.
• The function activates when the total
electricity loading of the cooking
zones connected to a single phase
exceeds 3680 W.
• The function decreases the power of
the other cooking zones connected to
the same phase.
• For cooking zones that have a
reduced power, the control panel
shows the maximum possible heat
• If a higher heat setting is not available
reduce it for the other cooking zones
• The activation of the function depends
on the number and size of pots.
you can
6.1 Cookware
For induction cooking zones
a strong electro-magnetic
field creates the heat in the
cookware very quickly.



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