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Electrical Connections - Honeywell 1000 Series Instruction Sheet

Ignition controls for combined valve and ignition system
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Take care that installer is a trained experienced
service man.
Turn off gas supply before starting installation.
Disconnect power supply to prevent electrical shock
and/or equipment damage.
Disconnect power supply to prevent electrical shock
and/or equipment damage.
Wiring must be in accordance with local regulations.
The appliance manufacturer's instructions should
always be followed when provided. If such
instructions are not provided see the connection
diagrams for typical systems.
Before installing or replacing any control check that
type number is correct for the application.
Ensure combustion chamber is free of gas before
start up.
Conduct a thorough check out when installation is
At the first start the ignition control can be in lock out;
depress reset button to free control.
Warranty claims are not accepted if the specified
plug/rectifier circuit is not used.
Do not connect the ignition control to power supply
when it is not connected to the gas control.
 Use leadwire which can withstand 105 _C ambient.
 Use leadwire which is proven against moisture.
 Wiring between ignition control and spark sensing probe
should have good quality insulation, suitable for the
temperatures encountered.
If ignition frequency  25 Hz or pulse energy > 45
←As the ignition cable and its connections shall have a
protection against electrical shock hazard.
For single rod applications, the ignition/sensing cable
and its connections shall have protection against
electrical shock hazard.
Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing
ignition controls. Wiring errors can cause improper
and dangerous operation.
If electronics components are installed in an area
subject to water (dripping, spraying, rain etc.), means
shall be provided to protect these components.
Flame relay output is not accessible when the
normally closed output is present.
Assembling of the cable connector(s) and cover (see fig. 48.)
 Use cable with Ø 5 ... Ø 7 mm.
 Strip length cable: 15 mm
 Grommet inlet numbers1, 2, 4 applicable for cable
with Ø 5 ... Ø 7 mm.
EN1R- -9161 0006R10- -NE
 Grommet inlet number 3 applicable for cable
with Ø 4 ... Ø 7 mm.
 Mount the connector(s) and bring the cable grommet in
position over the cables and connector.
Assembly of strain relief for IP 44 protection (see fig. 49.)
Position the cover on the ignition control Then, when holding
the cover down (in direction A) rotate it to mount the cable(s)
in the strain relief (in direction B).
Finally fix the whole assembly (ignition control and cover) with
a screw on the gas control wit a torque of 40 Ncm max.
In order to prevent unsafe conditions at too high current, the
ignition controls have an integral non replaceable fuse.
This fuse will be blown long before the maximum 16 A
external fuse switches off.
Spark gap
Max. allowable spark gap 3.5 mm
Supply voltage polarity
If ignition control (without the phase neutral
independent operation feature) seems to operate
normally but does not detect flame, check for right
polarity of power supply (line, neutral).
Fig. 48.
Fig. 49.

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