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Troubleshooting; Who Should Perform Repairs; Replacement Level Supported; Hardware Revision Check - Philips Avalon FM20 Service Manual

Fetal monitor.
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A list of system error messages and troubleshooting information for common problems you may encounter
while using the monitor and its accessories is given in the Instructions for Use. This chapter provides a guide for
qualified service personnel for troubleshooting problems that cannot be resolved by the user.
CAUTION If the troubleshooting procedure requires you to disassemble the monitor or transducers, be certain to follow
the disassembly and reassembly procedures given in Chapter 8, "Disassembly and Reassembly".

Who Should Perform Repairs

Only qualified service personnel should open the monitor housing, remove and replace components, or make
adjustments. If your medical facility does not have qualified service personnel, contact Philips' Response
Center or your local Philips representative.
High Voltage - Voltages dangerous to life are present in the instrument when it is connected to the mains
power supply. Do not perform any disassembly procedures with power applied to the instrument. Failure to
adhere to this warning could cause serious injury or death.

Replacement Level Supported

The replacement level supported for this product is to the printed circuit board (PCB) and major subassembly
level. Once you isolate a suspected PCB, follow the procedures in Chapter 8, "Disassembly and Reassembly"
to exchange the PCB with a known good replacement. Check to see if the symptom disappears and that the
monitor passes all performance tests. If the symptom persists, swap back the replacement PCB with the
suspected malfunctioning PCB (the original PCB that was installed when you started troubleshooting) and
continue troubleshooting as directed in this chapter.

Hardware Revision Check

Some troubleshooting tasks may require that you identify the hardware revision of your monitor's main
board. To check your hardware revision:
Enter the Main Setup menu and select Revision.




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