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Service Kit; Operation; Mounting And Installation - Siemens MT SAS Series Technical Instructions

Electronic valve actuator 24 vac or 24 vdc, proportional control
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Powermite 599 Series MT Series SAS Electronic Valve Actuator 24V Proportional Control

Service Kit


Mounting and
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Auxiliary Switch ASC10.51 switches on or off when a certain
position is reached. The switching point can lie between 0 to 100%.
If the actuator is inoperative, replace the unit.
A zero voltage control signal returns the valve to its normal position.
In the event of a power failure:
• SAS61.03U is non-spring return and holds its last position.
• SAS61.33U returns the valve to its normal spring return position.
The position output 0 to 10 Vdc signal "U" produces position feedback to the controller.
Figure 1. Acceptable Mounting Positions.
Mount the actuator in any position except with the actuator lower than the valve.
Figure 1 shows acceptable actuator mounting positions for water applications. The
recommended mounting position of the actuator for low pressure steam applications is
between 45° and horizontal.
• All units using the same control signal must utilize the same neutral reference (G0).
• Use earth ground isolating, step-down Class 2 transformers. Do not use auto
• Determine supply transformer minimum rating by summing the total equipment on
circuit. The maximum rating for Class 2 step-down transformers is 100 VA.
• Do not power more than 10 actuators with one transformer.
Housing rated for flex conduit only.
Technical Instruction
Document No. 155-682
January 19, 2016
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