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Operation - Kärcher Puzzi 10/1 User Manual

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User manual - 17 pages
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Note: Warm water (max. 50°C) will in-
crease the cleaning effect. Verify the tem-
perature resistance of the surface to be
Note: For considerate treatment of the en-
vironment use detergent economically.
Fill up fresh water reservoir
Fill detergent solution into the fresh wa-
ter reservoir. The fill level must not ex-
ceed the "MAX" mark.
Defoaming agent
Note: When cleaning previously sham-
pooed carpets, foam is generated in the
wastewater container. This formation of
foam can be prevented by adding a de-
foaming agent.
Puzzi 10/1 only:
Put defoaming agent (optional accesso-
ry) into the wastewater container.
Puzzi 10/2 Adv only:
Open container for defoaming agent.
Fill in defoaming agent (optional acces-
Replacing the carpet adapter
Push the unlocking device of the floor
nozzle on one side.
Swivel out and remove the carpet
Insert a new carpet adapter and snap
the locking device in place.


Working with attachments
Puzzi 10/2 Adv only:
Note: There is an additional socket to con-
nect electrical accessory devices.
Risk of injury and damage! The socket is
only intended for the direct connection of
the additional brush washing head PW 30/
1 to the Puzzi 10/2 Adv. Any other use of
the socket is not permitted.
Turning on the Appliance
Plug in the mains plug.
Press the suction switch to turn on the
suction turbine.
Press the spray switch to switch on the
spray pump.
Risk of damage. Check the object to be
cleaned prior to using the appliance in an
inconspicuous place for colour fastness
and water resistance.
Operate the lever on the manifold in or-
der to spray the cleaning solution.
Run across the surface to be cleaned in
overlapping paths. Pull the nozzle back-
wards (do not push).
In case of work interruptions, the floor
nozzle can be stored in the carrying
handle of the device.
Turn off the appliance
Switch off the spray and suction switches.
Pull out the mains plug.
Empty wastewater container
If the dirt water reservoir is full, switch
off the suction and spray switches.
Remove the lid.
Remove the wastewater container from
the appliance and drain it.
Empty the fresh water reservoir
Turn off the appliance.
Shortly activate the lever on bender to
decrease the pressure.
Separate bender from the spray/suction
Insert the suction hose into the fresh
water reservoir.
Press the suction switch to turn on the
suction turbine.
Empty the fresh water reservoir and
switch the appliance off.
Remove the lid.
Remove the wastewater container from
the appliance and drain it.
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