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Safety Instructions - Fujitsu Waterstage Comfort 5 Operation Manual

Air to water heat pump. split system
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Air to Water Heat Pump Split system

1 Safety instructions

Please comply with the following instructions in order to avoid any risk of injury or inappropriate use
of the appliance.
• Start-up
" Do not switch the appliance on until every fillings have been done.
" Do not try to install this appliance yourself.
" This heat pump requires an appropriately qualified person to install it.
" The installation must always be connected to the Earth and fitted with a protective circuit breaker.
" Do not modify the electricity supply.
" The appliances are not fireproof and should therefore not be installed in a potentially explosive
• Use
" Do not let children insert foreign bodies into the fan protection grill or climb on top of the outdoor
unit. The fins on the air exchanger are extremely fine and cause cuts.
" Nothing should obstruct the air circulation through the evaporator and from the fan.
" The outdoor unit must only be installed outdoor (outdoors). If a shelter is required, it must have
broad openings on the 4 walls and observe the installation clearances (see with your installer).
" Do not climb on the top of the outdoor unit.
" The room in which the appliance is operating must be correctly ventilated in order to prevent any
loss of oxygen if there is an escape of refrigerant gas.
" Consult your Installer before making any changes or modifications to the premises where the
appliance is installed.
" Do not place any heat source under the room control unit.
• Maintenance
" Do not try to repair this appliance yourself.
" This appliance does not contain any components capable of being repaired by the user himself.
Removing one or other of the covers can expose you to dangerous electrical voltages.
" In any case, switching off the current is not sufficient to protect you from any external electrical
shocks (capacitors).
" Do not open the outdoor unit or the hydraulic unit while they are operating.
" Switch off the power supply if there are any abnormal noises, smells or smoke coming from the
appliance and contact your installer.
" Switch off the power to the appliance before you clean it.
" Do not use aggressive cleaning liquid or solvents to clean the body work.
" Do not use a pressure washer to clean the outdoor unit. This could damage the air exchanger
and the water might penetrate into the electrical circuits.
Operation manual "1534 - EN"
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