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Checking The Outdoor Unit - Fujitsu Waterstage Comfort 5 Operation Manual

Air to water heat pump. split system
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Air to Water Heat Pump Split system
4 Maintenance
In order to insure your appliance operates correctly for
many years, the maintenance operations described
below are required at the start of each heating season.
Generally, these are performed as part of a service
4 1
Regular checks
- Periodically check the water pressure in the heating
circuit (Refer to the pressure recommended by the
installer - between 1 to 2 bar).
- If filling and re-pressurization are required, check what
type of fluid has been used initially (If in any doubt,
contact your installer).
- If frequent refills are required it is essential that you
look for any leaks.
- The frequent water supply is at risk of scaling for
the Heat exchanger and degrades performance
and longevity of it
4 2

Checking the outdoor unit

Dust off the heat exchanger if necessary, being careful
not to damage the fins.
Check that there is nothing obstructing the passage of air.
• Checking the refrigeration circuit
When the refrigerant charge is in excess of 2kg
(models > 8 kW) it is compulsory to have an approved
after sales service check the refrigeration circuit every
year (with a certificate of capacity for the handling of
refrigerants). Consult your heating technician.
- 20 -
LED Off:
The pump does not work, no electrical power.
Green LED on:
The pump works normally.
Green LED blink:
Venting operating mode (10 minutes).
Green/Red LED blink:
Operating error with automatic reboot.
Red LED blink:
Operating error.
figure 14 - Operation signals the HP circulator
Operation manual "1534 - EN"

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