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Operation Of The Dhw System; Selecting Cooling Mode; Pilot Wire (If Kit Regulation Extension Avs 55); Telephone Modem (If Regulation Extension Kit Avs 55) - Fujitsu Waterstage Comfort 5 Operation Manual

Air to water heat pump. split system
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Air to Water Heat Pump Split system

3 10 Operation of the DHW system

The key enables you to switch the DHW (domestic hot
water) mode on and off. The selection is shown by a
bar, which appears under the corresponding symbol.
Manual activation: Hold down the DHW key for 3
seconds (Switch from "reduced" to "nominal" until the
next time the DHW timer switches over).
To ensure a DHW setting over 45°C, the electrical back-
up heating or the boiler must be left on.
In order to optimise operation of the DHW, it is possible to:
- Program the timer settings (parameters 560 to 576),
- Adjust the comfort temperature set point (parameter 1610),
- Adjust the reduced temperature set point (parameter 1612).
Press the info key to obtain the details on the DHW
(temperature setting operation).

3 11 Selecting cooling mode

If the installation is fitted with the cooling kit.
The key activates and deactivates cooling mode.
3 12 Pilot wire
(if kit regulation extension AVS 55)
It's possible to order up to 15 electric heaters via output
"pilot wire".
The "pilot wire" handles only the hourly operation
of electric heaters (comfort mode / reduced mode
commutation and Frost protection mode).
The comfort temperature setting should be done
directly on the electric heater(s). The "pilot wire" does
not handle the temperature of the electric heaters.
Refer to the manual supplied with the electric heater(s).
Put the electric heaters on "PROG" mode or "AUTO"
mode for piloting by the regulation board.
The difference between the comfort temperature and
the reduced temperature is from 3,5 ° C.
Frost protection temperature is set directly on the
electric heaters. Refer to the manual supplied with the
electric heater(s).
In the absence of signal, electric heaters operating in
comfort mode.
3 13 Telephone modem
(if Regulation extension kit AVS 55)
It is possible to command the switching of the heating
mode to the "freeze" protection mode / reduced
(and vise versa) on the heat pump using a modem contact.
The telephone command switches the current heat
pump settings to "freeze" protection mode / reduced
(and vise versa). In accordance with the setting, any
temperature requests from the heating circuits and the
DHW are ignored or activated.
The "freeze" protection mode / reduced must not be
selected on the heat pump and/or the remote control.
See with your installer.
Operation manual "1534 - EN"
figure 10 - Select the DHW mode
figure 11 - Information key
figure 12 - Selecting cooling mode
figure 13 - Selecting the frost protection

3 14 Configuring room control unit (option)

In the event that the room control unit (see
is used, on start-up, after initialising for around
3 minutes, the language needs setting:
- Press OK.
- Choose menu "Operator section".
- Choose language "Language" English.
Details of any error
Operating values
- 19 -

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Table of Contents

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