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Working Techniques; General Working Instructions - Husqvarna 326AI25 Operator's Manual

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General working instructions

This section takes up the basic safety precautions for
working with an ice drill.
If you encounter a situation where you are uncertain
how to proceed you should ask an expert. Contact your
dealer or your service workshop.
Avoid all usage which you consider to be beyond your
WARNING! The machine can cause
serious personal injury. Read the safety
instructions carefully. Learn how to use
the machine.
WARNING! Cutting tool. Do not touch the
tool without first switching off the
Safety instructions regarding the
Never allow children to use the machine.
Ensure that no-one comes closer than 5 m while you
are working.
Never allow anyone else to use the machine without
first ensuring that they have understood the contents
of the operator's manual.
To prevent damage to the blades, make sure you do
not use the auger in areas where the blades could
come into contact with gravel or stones, especially in
shallow water or underneath bridges, etc.
Safety instructions while working
Always ensure you have a safe and stable working
Always hold the machine with both hands.
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Use your right hand to control the throttle setting.
Make sure that your hands and feet do not come near
the cutting attachment when the engine is running.
When the engine is switched off, keep your hands and
feet away from the cutting attachment until it has
stopped completely.
If any foreign object is hit or if vibrations occur stop the
machine immediately. Disconnect the HT lead from
the spark plug. Check that the machine is not
damaged. Repair any damage.
WARNING! Overexposure to vibration
can lead to circulatory damage or nerve
damage in people who have impaired
circulation. Contact your doctor if you
experience symptoms of overexposure
to vibration. Such symptoms include
numbness, loss of feeling, tingling,
pricking, pain, loss of strength, changes
in skin colour or condition. These
symptoms normally appear in the
fingers, hands or wrists. The risk
increases at low temperatures.
Safety instructions after completing work
The transport guard should always be fitted to the
cutting attachment when the machine is not in use.
Make sure the cutting attachment has stopped before
cleaning, carrying out repairs or an inspection.
Disconnect the HT lead from the spark plug.


Table of Contents

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