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Black & decker glue gun user manual
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Keep the appliance away from all flammable material.
Be aware that this product may ignite material. Where this
is a concern, test a piece of scrap material.
Never leave the appliance plugged in and unattended.
After use, unplug the appliance, allow the attachment to
cool and store in a safe place out of the reach of children.
Fumes resulting from heating materials for craft
activities may be hazardous. Always work in a well
ventilated area. Seek advice on the materials being used.
Never attempt to insert any material other than
recommended glue sticks, sealer, or caulk sticks in
the glue gun. For example: Do not attempt to melt crayons
or candles.
DO NOT use hot melt glue to take the place of
structural fasteners.
The glue sticks used with this glue gun will begin to
soften at about 60°C. Don't use the glue on objects or
materials that are subjected to heat.
Avoid accidental glue discharge. Forcing glue sticks into
an unheated appliance may damage the appliance or cause
hot glue to be unexpectedly expelled from nozzle when the
operating temperature is achieved. Glue may discharge from
a heated appliance without pressure applied to the trigger
(1). Return the appliance to the stand and use a heat
resistant material to protect the work surface.
This appliance is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of
Safety symbols marked on appliance
Hot surface do not touch.
Appliance only to be used with the stand
Electrical safety
This appliance is double insulated; therefore no
earth wire is required. Always check that the
power supply corresponds to the voltage on the
rating plate.
This appliance is not intended for use by young or infirm
persons without supervision. Children must be supervised to
ensure they do not play with the appliance.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or an authorised Black & Decker Service
Centre in order to avoid a hazard.
1. Trigger
2. Handle
3. Stand
4. Wire stand
5. Ready for use indicator
Warning! Before cleaning, adjustment or changing the
attachments. Unplug the appliance and allow the attachment to
Power connection (fig. A & B)
The appliance can be used either in cordless or corded mode.
In cordless mode the power supply is taken from the stand
(3) to heat the element. This is suitable for small tasks where
a small amount of glue is required.
The heating element will start to cool as soon as the
appliance is removed from the stand (3). When the ready for
use indicator (5) changes to grey, or when the glue is no
longer flowing freely, return the appliance to the stand (3).
In corded mode the connector (6) can be removed from the
stand (3) and inserted directly into the appliance. This is
suitable for heavy duty tasks.
Changing from cordless to corded operating mode
(fig. C & D)
Remove the plug from the socket.
Push down on the two tabs in front of the connector (6) as
Rotate the connector (6) toward the inside of the stand (3)
and lift the receptacle and cord out of the holder.
Rotate the wire stand (4) forward (fig. D).
Insert the connector (6) into the handle (2) of the appliance
(cord facing the back of the unit).
Changing from corded to cordless operating mode
Remove the plug from the power supply socket.
Remove the connector (6) from the handle (2) of the
With the cable facing the rear of the stand (3) and the
connections upwards insert the front of the connector (6)
into the stand (3) location.
Push the rear of the connector (6) down to lock it in position.
Fitting and removal of a glue tip attachment (fig. E)
There are three different attachments:
Standard (7)
Extended angle (8)
Wide (9)
A wrench is included to change the attachment; it is stored
in the stand (3).


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