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Use Of Water, Dispenser Drawer, Detergent, Bleach And Softener - LG TSA17ND6 Owner's Manual

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Use of Water, Dispenser Drawer, Detergent, Bleach and Softener

Using Water
• This machine detects the quantity of laundry automatically, then sets the Water Level
and proper amount of Detergent.
• When you select a wash Course, the Water Level will be shown on the control panel.
• The following table shows the amount of water.
• When the Water Level is automatically detected, it may differ depending on the quantity
of laundry even though the same Water Level is indicated on the control panel.
[ Minimum water amount ]
It depends on laundry load and washer model. Or manually you can pour a certain amount water into tub directly to
some height. That's because if water level reaches to the some height sensed by washer itself, washer automatically
operates. In other words, it is needed to pour water to the point when washer starts operating.
Water Temperature
• When washing in COLD water additional steps may be needed:
- Adjust Detergent amount and pre-dissolve Detergent in WARM water
- Pretreat spots and stains
- Soak heavily soiled items
- Use appropriate bleach
* Temperature below 18°C...(65˚F) will not activate laundry additives and may cause lint, residue, poor cleaning, etc.
In addition, Detergent manufactures and care labels define COLD water as 26~29°C...(80-85˚F).
If the temperature of the water in the tub is too cold for your hands, the Detergent will not activate and clean effectively.
If iron is present in the water the clothes may become an all-over yellow or they may be stained with brown or orange
spots or streaks. Iron is not always visible. Installation of water softener or an iron filter may be necessary for severe cases.
Using Dispenser Drawer'
Using the Dispenser Drawer
The dispenser drawer contains 2 compartments:
• Liquid Fabric Softener
• Liquid or Powder Low-Sudsing, High-Efficiency Detergent
The dispenser automatically dispenses additives at the proper time in the wash cycle.
1. Slowly open the dispenser drawer by pulling the drawer out until it stops.
2. After adding laundry products, slowly close the dispenser drawer. Closing the
drawer too quickly could result in early dispensing of additives.
• Avoid overfilling or splashing when adding laundry products to the dispenser. Doing
so could result in early dispensing of laundry products.
At the end of the cycle, you may see water in the compartments. This is part of the
normal operation of the washer.
NOTE : Do not use bleach in the dispenser drawer.


Table of Contents

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