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Sony BKDM-7041 User Manual page 4

Digital sketch effects board
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Digital Sketch Effects
Digital Sketch Effects
Software versions
Effects provided
About this User's Guide
The BKDM-7041 consists of an option board and software which
enable the use of the so-called Digital SKETCH™ Effects,
including the BEVELED EDGE and SKETCH effects.
You can use this option not only with the DME-7000 but also with
the DME-3000.
To use the BKDM-7041 requires the following software versions
to be running:
DME-7000: software version 1.00 or later
DME-3000: software version 1.50 or later
Mounting the BKDM-7041 in a DME-3000/7000 allows you to
use the following extra functions:
BEVELED EDGE: provides a beveled edge to an image.
SKETCH: provides a range of effects based on the outline of the
image, and giving impressions of drawing or relief.
COLOR GRABBER: allows you to extract a color from an input
image for use in a matte.
This manual describes how to carry out Digital Sketch Effects
from the control panel (BKDM-3010). You can keep this manual
together with the User's Guide for the operation software control
(BZDM-3020/7020) in the ring binder supplied.



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