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Black & Decker EF45 Instruction Manual page 5

Black & decker deep fryer with booster button instruction manual


Note: The bowl should only be removed while the
product is cool.
Place the cooking bowl back in the appliance
making sure it is seated correctly.
Note: If the cooking bowl is not seated correctly,
the Fryer will not function.
Check that the Turbo button is in the off position.
Pour good quality cooking oil into the cooking
bowl. Always make sure the oil level is between the
maximum & minimum marks on the cooking bowl.
Note: Cook only in the bowl supplied.
Fit the basket into the appliance. Close the lid &
lower the basket into the oil by pulling the handle
release button (6) away from the Fryer & lowering
the handle to the vertical position.
Note: Always close the lid before lowering the
basket into the hot oil.
Connect the appliance to a suitable electrical
Rotate the temperature control (13) to the required
setting. The temperature indicator lamp (10) will
light up to indicate the oil is being heated.
The lamp will go out in about 12-15 minutes
indicating that the oil is at the selected temperature.
Preheating the empty basket in this way will help
prevent food sticking to it, and prevent food from
absorbing oil.
Raise the handle to the carrying position. Press the
lid release button & allow the lid to open.
Note: Always lift the basket before opening the lid.
Remove the basket & close the lid. Place the
basket on a worktop, using clean cloth or paper
towels to prevent marking the work surface.
Place the prepared ingredients in the basket (8),
then open the Fryer lid & fit the basket to the
Note: Excess moisture should be removed from
ingredients with a clean cloth or paper towels
before frying.
Carefully close the lid, making sure it latches in
While holding the handle, pull the handle button (6)
away from the Fryer. Slowly lower the handle to the
vertical position. The basket will lower into the hot
oil & food will start to cook.
Note: The temperature indicator lamp (10) will cycle
on and off during cooking. Keep lid (1) closed
during cooking.
Use the Frying Guide as a guide to determine food
quantities, temperature settings and cooking times.
The cooking progress can be checked by looking
through the window (2).
If the window becomes cloudy, the wiper (14) can
be used to clear the moisture collected inside the
window. To operate the wiper, pull the tab (15)
towards the window (2) then push it back to its
original position.
Note: Hot steam may escape from the filter vents
and lid during cooking.
When cooking is completed, rotate the temperature
control (13) to off ("0") & disconnect the appliance
from the electrical supply.
Raise the basket handle (7) until it locks in the
horizontal position. Press the lid release button (12)
to open the Fryer & remove the basket, shaking it
so any excess oil falls back into the cooking bowl.
Timer Operation
The timer (18) can be used to give an audible
reminder of when the ingredients are ready.
To operate the timer, press the button (19). The
number "1" will flash on the screen. For each
consecutive press of this button, the number shown
will increase by one.
Holding the timer button down will cause the
numbers to increase at a more rapid rate. When the
required number of minutes is shown on the display
(20), the timer will automatically begin to count
down. When the timer enters the final minute, the
numbers will show the seconds remaining. When
the countdown is completed, the timer will emit an
audible beep for a short time. This can be stopped
by pressing the button.
The timer can be removed from the Fryer.
Note: The timer is only for indication and does not
turn off the power. The maximum countdown time is
99 minutes.
Booster Button Operation
The Booster quickly raises the oil temperature. To
use the Booster, rotate the thermostat control (13)
to maximum. Press the Booster button (16).
The temperature indicator lamp (10) and the
Booster button light (17) will both come on.
The temperature indicator lamp will cycle on and off
during cooking, but the Booster button light will
stay on until the button is pressed again to turn the
Booster off, or until the product is turned off &
disconnected from the electrical supply.



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