Black & Decker VS250 Series, VS350 Series, VS450 Series Use And Care Book Manual page 3

Professional-performance vacuum system
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
Este producto puede variar ligeramente del que aparece ilustrado.
Le produit peut différer légèrement de celui illustré.
1. Locking latch (one on each side)
Aldaba de cierre (una a cada lado)
Loquets (sur les côtés)
2. Progress indicator light
Luz indicadora de progreso
Témoin de progession du
3. Release button
Botón de mecanismo
de liberación
Bouton de dégagement
† 1. Upper foam gasket
(Part# 2900-3211)
2. Push bar
† 3. Lower foam gasket
(Part# 2900-3201)
4. Canister vacuum button
5. Vacuum channel
6. Canister hose port
† 1. Junta superior de espuma
(Part# 2900-3211)
2. Barra de presión
† 3. Junta inferior de espuma
(Part# 2900-3201)
4. Botón de vacío para envases
5. Canal de vacío
6. Orificio de vacío del envase
† 1. Joint d'étanchéité en mousse (haut)
(Part# 2900-3211)
2. Barre de poussée
† 3. Joint d'étanchéité en mousse (bas)
(Part# 2900-3201)
4. Bouton de scellage sous vide de bocal
5. Voie de scellage
Page 4
7. Sealing strip
8. Vacuum/seal button
9. How-to-use picture guide
†10. Drain cup
(Part# VS250-01)
† Consumer replaceable
7. Tira sellante
8. Botón de vacío y de sellar
9. Guía ilustrativa de funcionamiento
†10. Bandeja de goteo
(Part# VS250-01)
† Reemplazable por el consumidor
6. Orifice de scellage du bocal
7. Bande de scellement
8. Bouton d'aspiration et de scellage
9. Pictogramme de fonctionnement
†10. Tasse de vidange
(Part# VS250-01)
† Remplaçable par le consommateur
How does the Black & Decker
Professional-Performance Vacuum Sealer Work?
The Sealer unit has a powerful vacuum-pump system that pulls out the air that
surrounds food, leaving the food sealed in its owns 5-ply plastic storage bag.
What do I use to package my food for vacuum sealing?
The Black & Decker
System uses 8-inch (21 cm) wide rolls and 11-inch (28 cm)
wide rolls of 5-ply plastic to make custom-sized bags for meats, poultry, blanched
vegetables, etc.
The bags are freezer safe, hand washable and reusable. They are microwave safe
and can be immersed in boiling water for reheating packaged food.
Also available is a 2-size canister set (1- and 1
for refrigerator storage of fragile food items, like berries, or items you want to
keep crisp and dry in the pantry like cookies and crackers. It's also perfect for
keeping coffee beans fresh in the pantry or freezer.
How to use the Black & Decker
FreshGUARD™ Professional-Performance
Vacuum System Sealer to make custom-size bags with rolls:
1. Place the unit on a flat, level surface that is comfortable to work on and plug
in the power cord. You see the green progress light come on in the middle of
the unit.
2. Use sharp scissors to cut a piece from the roll that is long enough to hold the
food item plus 3 inches.
3. Lift the unit lid.
4. Place one end of the bag on the sealing strip. Be sure the end does not extend
over the black rubber strip or into the vacuum channel.
5. Close the lid. The push bar on the lid pushes
down the open end of the bag into position (A).
6. Press down the top of the lid at the ends then
press in the side latches until you hear them click
into place (B). The vacuum sealing process begins
automatically. The progress indicator light starts
blinking; the unit makes a deep humming sound.
7. When vacuum sealing process is complete, the
sound stops and the light goes from blinking
green to red and then back to steady green.
Press the release button (C ).
8. Press down the lid at the ends to release the
locking latches (D).
9. Lift the lid and remove the sealed bag. Let the
unit rest at least 20 seconds before using it again.
10.Unplug unit.
Tip: Using a sharp pair of scissors with long cutting
blades makes it easier to cut the roll straight.
-quart sizes/1 liter and 1

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