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Care And Cleaning; Need Help; Chopping Guide - Black & Decker Home Essentials HC21 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker mini chopper use and care book hc21
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Pulse/On Button
Pulso/Botón de encendido
Touche de fonctionnement
et de fonctionnement
Extended Tab
Guía del seguro de cierre
Patte d'attache
Knife Blade
Locking Tabs
Guías del seguro
de cierre
Ergots d'enclenchement
Before First Use
Wash the Bowl, Lid, and Knife Blade in warm, sudsy water or a dishwasher (top
rack only) and dry thoroughly. Wipe the Base with a damp cloth; do not immerse
the Base in water.
Note: For your protection this unit has a Lid interlock system. The unit will not
operate unless the Extended Tab is correctly locked into the Base Slot. Do not
attempt to operate the unit without the Lid being correctly placed.
1. Place the Base on a counter or flat work surface. Put the Bowl on the Base
and line up the Locking Tabs of the Bowl to the Base. Turn clockwise until the
Bowl locks into place. (A)
2. Slide the Knife Blade down over the shaft. Be careful not to touch the Blade
as it is extremely sharp.
3. Place food in the Bowl. You can process about 1/2 cup of dry food at a time
(See Chopping Guide). Larger amounts should be processed in small batches.
4. Place the Lid on the Bowl, with the Extended Tab on the same side as the
Base Slot. Turn the Lid clockwise into the Base Slot as far as it will go so that
the two dots line up. (B)
5. Press the Pulse/On Button for a few seconds. Be careful not to overprocess.
Most foods process in less than 5-25 seconds. For coarsely chopped foods, use
repeated short pulses.
6. Be sure the Blade has stopped turning completely before removing the Lid or
placing a spatula in the unit. Lift the Knife Blade straight up and move it away
from you before emptying the contents of the Bowl. Use a spatula to remove the
processed food from the unit.
If the Chopper does not operate, be sure the Locking Tabs on the Bowl and the
Extended Tab on the Lid are properly positioned.

Chopping Guide

Chocolate –
Square Chips
Cookies, Crackers
Eggs – hard cooked
Nuts – Soft
(pecans, walnuts)
Nuts – Hard (peanuts,
almond pieces)
Peppers – Sweet
(green or red)
Always unplug the unit before cleaning. Wash the Bowl, Knife Blade, and Lid
immediately after use either with warm, sudsy water or in the dishwasher (top
rack only). Wipe off the Base with a damp cloth — do not immerse in liquid.
Service, if necessary, must be performed by a Black & Decker Company-
Owned or Authorized Household Appliance Service Center. The Service Center
nearest you can be found in the yellow pages of your phone book under
"Appliances – Small."
If mailing or shipping your chopper, pack it carefully in a sturdy carton with
enough packing material to prevent damage. Include a note describing the
problem to our Service Center and be sure to give your return address. We also
suggest that you insure the package for your protection.
How To Use – English
Use 1 slice at a time. Break into 8 pieces.
Cut into 1/2" (1.27 cm) lengths. Use up to 1/2 cup (120 ml).
Use 1 square. Cut into 4 pieces; 1/2 cup (120 ml) chips.
Pulse for desired texture.
Break 6-8 into Bowl at one time.
Peel; cut into quarters. Use 1-2 eggs.
Peel. Use 1 or more large cloves.
Halve small ones; quarter larger ones. Use up to 1/2 cup (120 ml).
Add up to 1 cup (240 ml) at a time; less for more coarse texture.
Add up to 1/2 cup (120 ml) at a time; Pulse until desired texture
is reached.
Cut small/medium onion into 6-8 pieces.
Wash; dry thoroughly. Pulse up to 1/2 cup (120 ml) until desired
texture is reached.
Core and remove seeds. Cut into 1/2" (1.27 cm) pieces.
Add up to 2 quarters at a time.

Care and Cleaning

Need Help?

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