Deciding On Where To Install The Indoor Unit - Samsung AVMBH020CA0 Installation Manual

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Deciding on Where to Install the Indoor Unit

Indoor Unit
There must be no obstacles near the air inlet and outlet.
Install the indoor unit on a ceiling that can support its weight.
Maintain sufficient clearance around the indoor unit.
Make sure that the water dripping from the drain hose runs away correctly
and safely.
The indoor unit must be installed in this way, that they are out of public
access. (Not touchable by the users)
After connecting a chamber, insulate the connection part between the indoor
unit and the chamber with t10 or thicker insulation. Otherwise, there can be
air leak or dew from the connection part.
Space Requirements for Indoor Unit
You must have 5mm or more space between the
ceiling and the bottom of indoor unit. Otherwise,
the noise from the vibration of indoor unit may
bother the user.



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