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How To Use - Black & Decker FP2500 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker wide-mouth food processor use and care book
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
† 1. Food pusher (Part # FP2500-01 [white] / FP2500S-01 [black])
† 2. Wide-mouth feed chute (Part # FP2500-02)
† 3. 10-cup processing workbowl cover (Part # FP2500-05)
† 4. Reversible slice/shred disc (Part # FP2500-08)
† 5. Storage lid (models FP2510S / FP2500S) (Part # FP2500S-09)
† 6. Dough blade (Part # FP2500-10)
† 7. Large, stainless steel chopping blade (Part # FP2500-03)
† 8. Disc stem (Part # FP2500-11)
† 9. 10-cup processing workbowl (Part # FP2500-06)
10. Base
11. Cord wrap (under base)
† 12. Non-skid suction feet (Part # FP2500-12)
13. Controls
† 14. 3-cup processing workbowl (model FP2510S) (Part # FP2510S-13)
† 15. Small, stainless steel chopping blade (model FP2510S) (Part # FP2510S-04)
† 16. 3-cup processing workbowl cover (model FP2510S) (Part # FP2510S-07)
† Consumer replaceable/removable parts
How to Use
This product is for household use only.
• Remove all packing material and any stickers from the product.
Important: Handle chopping blades and slice/shred disc carefully.
They are very sharp.
• Wash all removable parts as instructed in C RE ND CLE NING section of
this manual.
• Select a level, dry countertop where the appliance is to be used, allowing air
space on all sides to provide proper ventilation for the motor.
How to Insert and Remove the Center Post:
The center posts of both bowls are removable:
1. Turn the bowl upside down.
2. Grasp the clear outer tabs and turn the center post
clockwise until the lower tabs are free. Lift the post out (B).
3. To return to its original position, place center post
into smaller opening in bottom of workbowl and turn
counterclockwise until tabs snap into place.
How to Lock the Large and Small (model FP2510S only)
Workbowls in Position:
ttach center post to workbowl. Place the workbowl on
the base with handle turned to the right of the locking
mechanism (C) over the unlock symbol
2. Hold handle and rotate workbowl clockwise toward the
lock symbol
to lock the workbowl in place before attaching the blades
and cover.
How to Lock the Cover:
1. Place cover over workbowl with the small latch to the right
of the workbowl's handle (E).
2. Hold feed chute of workbowl cover and rotate cover
clockwise until cover locks into place.
Important: For your protection this appliance has an
interlock system. The processor will not operate unless the
workbowl, cover and wide-mouth feed chute are properly
locked in place.
3. If using the large workbowl, place the wide-mouth feed
chute on top of the cover with the small tab to the right
of the workbowl's handle. Turn clockwise until it clicks
into position over the handle.
until it clicks firmly into place (D). Be sure

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