Troubleshooting - KitchenAid Nespresso 5KES0504 Manual

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1. If the power on indicator remains off
and the Espresso Machine fails to heat
when the Brewing button is pressed:
• Check to see if the Espresso Machine
is plugged into a grounded outlet; if it
is, unplug, plug it back in, and press the
Brewing button again. If the Espresso
Machine still does not operate, check the
fuse or circuit breaker on the electrical
circuit the machine is connected to and
make certain the circuit is closed.
*DO NOT return the Espresso Machine to the retailer – they do not provide service. Please see
the "Warranty and service" section for more information.
2. If coffee does not flow from the
• Water tank may be empty.
• Espresso Machine may need to
be descaled.
• Capsule container may need to
be emptied:
- Check to see that there is not a capsule
blocked inside the Espresso Machine.
- Check to see that the capsule was
inserted in the correct orientation.
- Check to see that the handle is
completely closed, see "Brewing
espresso" section.
NOTE: If not cleared the brew water
will flow into the capsule container to
the maintenance unit. (Lift drip grid and
check if unbrewed water is present).
3. If coffee grounds found in cup:
The handle/capsule door was opened too soon.
Wait 3 seconds after the brewing cycle has
completed before opening the capsule door.
4. If the LEDs in position 1 and 6 blink
alternately at 2 blinks per second:
• This indicates the "overheating" error
code. The lights will continue to flash until
the Espresso Machine is ready, or it enters
standby mode.
5. If the LEDs in position 1 and 6 blink
3 times alternately every 2 seconds at
two blinks per second:
• This indicates the "electronic" error code.
Allow the Espresso Machine to go into
standby mode, then check to see if the
error is still there after reactivating.
If the problem cannot be fixed with the
steps above, see the "Warranty and
service" section.*

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Table of Contents