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Heat And Product Ventilation - Lenovo Yoga C640-13IML User Manual

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Heat and product ventilation

Computers, ac power adapters, and many accessories can generate heat when turned on and when
batteries are charging. Notebook computers can generate a significant amount of heat due to their
compact size. Always follow these basic precautions:
• When your computer is turned on or the battery is charging, the base, the palm rest, and some
other parts may become hot. Avoid keeping your hands, your lap, or any other part of your body
in contact with a hot section of the computer for any extended length of time. When you use the
keyboard, avoid keeping your palms on the palm rest for a prolonged period of time. Your
computer generates some heat during normal operation. The amount of heat depends on the
amount of system activity and the battery charge level. Extended contact with your body, even
through clothing, could cause discomfort or even a skin burn. Periodically take breaks from using
the keyboard by lifting your hands from the palm rest; and be careful not to use the keyboard for
any extended length of time.
• Do not operate your computer or charge the battery near flammable materials or in explosive
• Ventilation slots, fans and/or heat sinks are provided with the product for safety, comfort, and
reliable operation. These features might inadvertently become blocked by placing the product on
a bed, sofa, carpet, or other flexible surface. Never block, cover, or disable these features.
• When the ac power adapter is connected to an electrical outlet and your computer, it generates
heat. Do not place the adapter in contact with any part of your body while using it. Never use the
ac power adapter to warm your body. Extended contact with your body, even through clothing,
may cause a skin burn.
For your safety, always follow these basic precautions with your computer:
• Keep the cover closed whenever the computer is plugged in.
• Regularly inspect the outside of the computer for dust accumulation.
• Remove dust from vents and any perforations in the bezel. More frequent cleanings might be
required for computers in dusty or high-traffic areas.
• Do not restrict or block any ventilation openings.
• Do not operate your computer inside furniture, as this might increase the risk of overheating.
• Airflow temperatures into the computer should not exceed 35°C (95°F).

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Table of Contents

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