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Operating Instructions - Black & Decker 90504614 Instruction Manual

Super compact lithium ion drill- 14.4volts
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90504614 SC1400 Lith Ion drill
3. While charging, the charger may hum and become warm to touch. This is a normal
condition and does not indicate a problem.
4. If the batteries do not charge properly—(1) Check current at receptacle by plugging
in a lamp or other appliance. (2) Check to see if receptacle is connected to a light
switch which turns power off when you turn out the lights. (3) Move charger and tool
to a surrounding air temperature of 40°F (4,5 °C) to 105°F (+40,5 °C). (4) If the
receptacle and temperature are OK, and you do not get proper charging, take or
send the tool and charger to your local Black & Decker service center. See Tools
Electric in yellow pages.
5. The tool should be recharged when it fails to produce sufficient power on jobs
which were easily done previously. DO NOT CONTINUE using product with its
batteries in a depleted condition.

Operating Instructions

Trigger Switch & Forward/Reverse Button - Figure B
The drill is turned ON and OFF by pulling and releasing the trigger switch (3).
The farther the trigger is depressed, the higher the speed
of the drill.
A forward / reverse control button (4) determines the
direction of the tool and also serves as a lock off button.
To select forward rotation, release the trigger switch and
depress the forward / reverse control button to the left.
To select reverse, depress the forward / reverse control
button the opposite direction.
The center position of the control button locks the tool in
the off position. When changing the position of the control
button, be sure the trigger is released.
NOTE: Under heavy loads the drill may cut out as a safety precaution. If this
happens, release the trigger switch and squeeze it again to start the drill.
Torque Control - Figure C
This tool is fitted with a collar to select the operating mode
and to set the torque for tightening screws. Large screws
and hard workpiece materials require a higher torque
setting than small screws and soft workpiece materials.
For drilling in wood, metal and plastics, set the
adjustable torque collar (2) to the drilling position symbol
For screwdriving, set the adjustable torque collar (2) to
the desired setting. If you do not yet know the
appropriate setting, proceed as follows:
Set the collar to the lowest torque setting.
Tighten the first screw.
If the clutch ratchets before the desired result is achieved, increase the collar setting
and continue tightening the screw. Repeat until you reach the correct setting. Use
this setting for the remaining screws.
Dual Range Gearing - Figure D
The dual range feature (5) of your drill allows you to shift
gears for greater versatility.
To select low speed, high torque setting (position 1), turn
tool off and permit to stop. Slide gear shifter button (5)
away from the chuck.
To select the high speed, low torque setting (position 2),
turn tool off and permit to stop. Slide gear shifter button
towards the chuck.
NOTE: Do not change gears when tool is running. If you are
having trouble changing gears, make sure that the dual
range gear button is either completely pushed forward or completely pushed back.
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Table of Contents

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