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Mechanical Drawing And Installation - Honeywell HG4930 Installation And Interface Manual

Inertial measurement unit, imu
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HG4930 Installation and Interface Manual

Mechanical Drawing and Installation

A CAD compatible STP file is available from Honeywell upon request. The typical IMU weight is
140 grams (0.3 lbs).
Figure 5 lists installation notes which should be carefully reviewed. With regards to note 12
regarding SPIRALOCK threads - Honeywell recommends a #2-56 UNC 2B screw (2ea) torqued to
4.25 in-lbs for the I/O connector. Length is determined by evaluating the thickness of the mating
connector assembly.
IMUs are precision instruments which measure angular rate and linear acceleration across a broad
temperature range. Because of their precision, users can interpret real motion (both angular
and linear) as sensor noise. This noise can often be coupled mechanically through the mounting
plate. Installation on a thin structure is generally not desirable. Placement at anti-nodes will
minimize angular rotation and maximize linear displacement. Placement at nodes will maximize
angular rotation and minimize linear displacement.
This device has been designed to meet stringent EMI and EMC requirements, and as such, the user
should shield the I/O cabling and provide chassis ground connection to the IMU housing.
The IMU should not be subjected to contact with any fuels, lubricants, solvents, or their vapors.
Figure 4. Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor Mounting
Y (Sensor B)
X (Sensor A)
Z (Sensor C)



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