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Hitachi NEXT Series Instruction Manual page 86

Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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Table of Contents
9. MAINTENANCE [How to Service the Air Compressor]
Lubricating oil Replacement (Annually)
Plug ⑤
(Oil air vent)
Left door
Hole for waste oil hose
(Oil drain hose is not supplied
with the compressor.)
Rear panel (1)
Oil port
Oil filter
Oil casing
Plug ④
Oil pan
Front door
Oil pan
Air-cooled type
Oil drain valve ③
(For draining oil cooler)
Air-cooled type
Plug ③
Oil port cover
Oil level gauge
port cover
Plug ②
Plug ①
Oil drain valve ①
Oil filter
(For draining oil casing)
drain port
Oil drain valve ②
(For draining oil casing)
■ Oil drain
① Stop the air compressor and disconnect the power.
Remove the front door [Ref. No. 904], left door [Ref.
No. 912] and rear panel (1) [Ref. No. 967]
② Remove the plug ⑤ for oil air vent.
③ Remove the plugs of oil drain ports ①②③. Place oil
pans under the oil drain ports ①②③. Open the
drain valve ①②③. The dimension of oil pan is
approximately 3 × 10 × 14 inches (75 × 250 × 350 mm).
④ Place the oil pan under the oil drain port ④.
Remove the plug ④ to drain the oil.
⑤ Replace all lubricating oil annually. Also once a year,
remove the oil port cover and wipe the sludge off of
the bottom of the gear case with a sponge and clean.
⑥ Close oil drain valves ①②③. Tighten removed
plugs with seal tape to oil drain ports ①②③④⑤
and oil air vent.
■ Oil filling
⑦ Fill the oil case with oil. Open the oil plug of the oil
case and pour new oil until the oil level reaches the
upper red line of the gauge. (Do not exceed the
yellow line when the oil is initially charged.)
■ Check/refilling
⑧ Turn on the power, press the START button and
turn the compressor off 5 – 6 seconds later.
⑨ Check the oil level on the oil level gauge. The oil
level drops when lubricating oil flows to the piping,
oil cooler and case jacket (air-cooled type only).
⑩ Turn off the power and add oil from the oil supply port.
⑪ After refilling is complete, close the oil plug tightly.
⑫ Turn the power back on, press the START button
and make sure the oil level is between the upper and
lower red lines of the oil level gauge.
⑬ Make sure no oil leaks from the oil drain valve and
● Change the oil regularly, as instructed in the
standard maintenance schedule (
75 to 78). Neglecting to change the oil
causes oil deterioration that could result in
clogging of the oil strainer and a fire.
● Be sure to use the recommended lubricating
oil on page 10. Absolutely DO NOT mix
different types of lubricating oil.
● Overfilling with lubricating oil may increase
shaft power and result in rise in oil temperature.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents