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AEG AR 4027 USB/CR Instruction Manual page 39

Car radio with usb & card reader
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Threaded bolt
g Slide-in housing
h Extraction tool (spanner for dismantling)
Connect the device as shown in the diagram.
• Please use loudspeakers with an impedance of 4 ohm.
• The loudspeaker cables must be unearthed.
Connection of an external amplifier
For the connection of an external amplifier use the audio
output LINE OUT at the rear side of the device. Refer to
the instruction manual concerning the external amplifier.
Operating Instructions
1. Do not switch on the device if the car interior is extremely
hot, for example after an extended parking in direct sun-
light. Wait until the interior is cooled down after a short
2. Possible malfunctions during operation can be resolved
by pushing the RESET button. Push the RESET button
with a wire or similar (10) to reset the electronics (RESET).
3. The time displayed in standby mode is set automatically
as soon as you listen to a radio station. Manual setting is
not possible.
In the following, the functions of the individual device buttons
are described according to the illustration
the Components".
1 MODE Button
Press this button to select the different modes. (Radio,
The USB and CARD mode can only be selected if you
have connected a corresponding medium.
2 Station presets (1-6)
a) In radio mode:
• Hold down the desired station preset button to
save a radio station.
• To choose a radio station, shortly press the
respective station button.
• To select a program type.
"BAND/PTY button"
b) In USB/CARD mode:
Direct selection of a music file.
"AS/PS button"
3 Volume control / On-/Off / SEL Button (Select)
a) Press the control to switch on the device. Hold down
the control to switch off the device. The time appears
on the display.
b) During normal playback mode, the control is used to
control the volume.
Together with the previously pressed control (SEL
button), changes can be made in the menu, e. g. the
sound mode.
c) Press the SEL button shortly to enter the selection
menu. Repeated pressing of the SEL button selects
individual menu entries. You can change the settings
of the individual menu entries by turning the volume
"Overview of
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