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AEG AR 4027 USB/CR Instruction Manual page 38

Car radio with usb & card reader
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Installation Tips
• Cable protection sleeves protect cables against fraying
on sharp body parts.
• The insulation of the cables must not be damaged during
• It is essential to use the correct tools when installing car
Depending on the model, your vehicle may deviate from the
above description. We do not accept any liability for damage
caused by installation or connection errors or for consequen-
tial damage.
Important Information for installing your
1. The device is designed for the minus pole of the battery,
which must be connected to the body of the vehicle.
Please check this before installation.
2. When installing/connecting your device please note that
not every vehicle is equipped with an "ISO connection".
In this case we recommend the use of an ISO adapter
specifically designed for your vehicle.
Adapters are available from car accessory shops and/or
from your vehicle workshop.
3. Depending on the specific car type, different wiring
connection of the "Duration +" wire (Constant current
connection) are available. (However, this is necessary for
storing the radio stations).
In order to guarantee all functions, installation in line with
these instructions is essential. In cases of doubt please
contact an authorised car workshop.
Due to the various types of motor vehicles and motor
manufacturers, it is not possible to guarantee that the
pin assignment of the ISO plug is correct, even if the ISO
plug connections fit together mechanically. It may there-
fore be necessary to modify the electrical connection or
use vehicle-specific adapters.
If the device is correctly connected, the radio can
be switched on and off via the ignition. If the stored
stations are lost, this indicates that the radio is not
receiving any "continuous +", current which is required
for storing the stations.
Where there is a connection to "continuous +" without
the ignition being switched on, the car battery might be
drained of power even if the radio is switched off. This
may even result in the battery becoming completely
4. Depending on the specific car type, interferences may
arise during radio/CD operation. These interferences can
avoided easily with an additional Interferences filter.
Your car radio is originally prepared with an Interference
Filter already.
In these case, please contact your authorized car dealer.
5. When installing your radio please ensure that there is
enough space at the rear of the radio to ensure sufficient
6. For the antenna connection there are two different
norms. The first of these is the old (50 ohm) version with
a long protruding round contact on the vehicle and a
round socket on the radio end. The second is the ISO-
standardised antenna plug (150 ohm). Adapters for both
formats are available from accessory manufacturers and/
or your car workshop.
Important information for VW/Audi vehicles: Your
car may have an active antenna. It requires a power
supply as it is provided only by original car radios. In this
case, use a phantom-powered antenna adapter.
Antenna adapters are available at car accessory suppli-
ers and/or your automotive workshop.
Please install the car radio as shown below.
a Nut
b Spring washer
c Plain washer
d Screw
e Mounting bracket



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