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Coffee Yield - Black & Decker UCM200WG Use And Care Book Manual

All-in-one coffee bean grinder & 10-cup coffeemaker
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W RNING: This appliance generates heat and escaping steam during use.
Proper precautions must be taken to prevent the risk of burns, fires, or
other injury to persons or damage to property.
❑ ll users of this appliance must read and understand these Use & Care
instructions before operating or cleaning this appliance.
❑ The cord to this appliance should be plugged into an electrical
outlet only.
❑ Use water only in this appliance! Do not put any other liquids or
food products in this appliance. Do not mix or add anything to the
water placed in this appliance, except as instructed in the C rE ND
CLE NINg INSTrUCTIONS to clean the appliance.
❑ DO NOT attempt to move an appliance containing hot liquids. llow
appliance to cool completely before moving.
❑ Keep appliance at least 4 inches away from walls or other objects
during operation. Do not place any objects on top of appliance while it
is operating. Place the appliance on a surface that is resistant to heat.
❑ If this appliance begins to malfunction during use, press the POWEr
Button to turn the unit OFF, then immediately unplug the cord. Do not
use or attempt to repair the malfunctioning appliance.
❑ If this appliance falls or accidentally becomes immersed in water or any
other liquid, unplug it immediately. Do not reach into the water! Do
not use this appliance after it has fallen into or has become immersed
in water. Contact Consumer Services for examination and repair.
❑ DO NOT leave this appliance unattended during use.
❑ This appliance must be left to cool down sufficiently before adding more
water to avoid spattering.
❑ lways use fresh, cool water in your appliance. Warm water or other
liquids, except as listed in the USEr M INTEN NCE INSTrUCTIONS,
may cause damage to the appliance.
❑ DO NOT put carafe into a microwave.
❑ DO NOT leave empty carafe on warming plate when appliance is
turned ON, as the carafe may crack or become otherwise damaged.
C UTION: To prevent injury when utilizing the Sneak- -Cup® Interrupt
feature, replace carafe within 20 seconds of removing during the brewing
❑ Make sure the mill basket and mill lid are securely assembled into the
appliance before use.
❑ Only coffee beans and coffee grounds should be placed into the mill


10 Cup Coffeemaker: 10 (5-oz.) cups.
5-oz. cup is the merican industry standard and is used by most
coffeemaker manufacturers.



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