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Black & Decker UCM200WG Use And Care Book Manual page 12

All-in-one coffee bean grinder & 10-cup coffeemaker
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3. Lift up the reservoir cover and slowly pour water into the water reservoir. Place
empty carafe onto the warming plate.
4. Open the mill assembly lid and grasp mill basket tabs to remove the basket lid.
Using the scoop provided with your coffeemaker, measure the desired amount
of roasted whole bean coffee into the mill basket. We recommend using
1 scoop for every 2 cups of brewed coffee, which may be adjusted to suit your
individual tastes.
Note: 1 scoop = 1 tablespoon.
Warning: The Mill Basket maximum capacity is 8 scoops of whole bean coffee.
Note: 8 scoops = 8 tablespoons maximum.
5. replace mill basket lid. Make sure that the basket is firmly seated in the
assembly, the lid on basket is secured, and that the mill assembly lid is closed
before attempting to operate unit.
Warning: The coffeemaker will not operate without the Lids being closed
Note: ground coffee may be substituted for whole bean coffee.
6. We recommend using 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of ground coffee beans for every
brewed cup of coffee, which may be adjusted to suit your individual tastes.
See PrOgr MMINg THE MILL for complete procedure.
7. You are now ready to initiate the automatic mill and brew process. If you wish
to use the delay timer so you can program the coffeemaker to mill and brew
later, please read BrEWINg COFFEE - PrOgr MMINg THE DEL Y TIMEr.
Note: If you desire a medium grind, your machine is automatically preset to "4"
or a medium grind; refer to step 2 below. If you wish to program a finer or coarser
grind, start with step 1.
1. To set the mill to grind the beans to the desired level of coarseness, press
to select different coarseness levels. Seven levels of coarseness are
available. Coarseness is determined by the length of time milled - the longer
the time, the finer the grind the stronger the flavor. Setting 1 will mill the beans
for 15 seconds. Setting 7 will mill the beans for 40 seconds. If you do no select
a setting the unit will automatically default to setting 4. Make sure the mill light
is turned off.
Note: If you wish to use pre-ground coffee instead of whole coffee beans, press
the mill button
and make sure the mill indicator Light is on. If you are using
whole coffee beans, then the light should be off.
2. Press the power button
to initiate the mill and brew process; the power
light will turn on. Mill will start. fter mill stops, unit will automatically switch
to brewing operation. To interrupt milling or brewing press the power button
and the power light will turn off.
Caution: Do not open lid until blades and unit operation has come to a
complete stop.
3. fter brewing is complete, remove carafe from warming plate and serve.
Coffeemaker warming plate will cycle on and off to maintain proper coffee
temperature for one hour before it automatically shuts off and the Power Light
turns off.
4. Unplug and allow unit to cool for 10 minutes between cycles. llow to cool
completely before attempting to clean.
Warning: Warming plate is hot! Do not touch bottom of carafe or warming plate
during or after brewing.
Note: fter the unit is turned off or automatically shuts off after one hour, mill
coarseness setting will default to level 4 (medium grind). Coarseness setting will
also default to level 4 in the event of power interruption.
Note: The amount of coffee in the carafe may be slightly less than the amount of
water placed in the water reservoir, since some of the water is absorbed by the
coffee grounds.
1. Follow steps 1 – 6 in BrEWINg COFFEE – IMMEDI TE ST rT and 1-3 in
2. Be sure clock is set to the current time (see SETTINg THE CLOCK instructions).
3. Press and hold the timer button
display reads 12:00. Use the Hour and minute buttons,
desired programmed time.
small dot will appear in the upper left corner of
the display to signify .M. No dot indicates P.M.
4. The timer display will flash 5 times then switch back to the current time of day.
Press and release the timer button
the timer indicator light will turn on to indicate the timer has been reset.
Note: The programmable function must be reset after each programmed use.
You can pour a cup of coffee while coffee is brewing without leaking from the
brew basket. When finished pouring coffee, place the carafe under brew basket.
The brewing process continues.
Important: To avoid possible overflow after removing the carafe, be sure to
replace the carafe under the brew basket within 20 seconds to prevent the basket
from overflowing.
The automatic keep warm function keeps coffee at the proper serving temperature
for up to 1 hour from brewing. To keep coffee hot, return the carafe to the
warming plate after serving.
To deactivate this function after brewing, simply press the power button
turn the unit OFF.
To brew a second pot of coffee, turn the coffeemaker OFF for 10 minutes and
allow it to cool. Empty used coffee grounds from the mill basket and repeat steps
for brewing.
Caution: Failure to allow appliance to cool completely may cause water to
overheat and spray hot steam. The hot steam can cause severe burns.
until the timer light appears and the
, to set the
. The programmed time is now set and



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