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Usb Connection - LG SL9YG Owner's Manual

Wi-fi sound bar
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Optional equipment connection
You can enjoy both sound and picture from the
external device you connect.
1. Connect HDMI IN jack of your TV to HDMI OUT
jack on the external device such as Blu-ray disc
player, DVD player, etc.
2. Connect the OPTICAL IN jack on the back of the
unit to OPTICAL OUT jack on the TV using an
OPTICAL cable.
Or connect the HDMI OUT (TV ARC) jack on the
back of the unit to HDMI IN (ARC) jack on the TV
using an HDMI cable.
3. Select the input source to OPT/HDMI ARC by
pressing F repeatedly.
If the sound bar does not have sound or the
video on TV is not smooth, the HDMI cable
may be the problem. Refer to the HDMI cable
checklist. (Page 30)

USB connection

Connect USB memory device to the USB port on the
back of the unit.
For more information of playing files on a USB, refer
to the page 36.
Removing the USB Device from the unit
Choose a different function/mode.
Remove the USB device from the unit.
Compatible USB devices
y MP3 Player: Flash type MP3 player.
y USB Flash Drive: Devices that support USB 2.0.
y The USB function of this unit does not support
some USB devices.

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