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JTS RU-12 Instruction Manual page 28

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Once the parameters are set, push the "
" button and the
digital pairing data will be sent to the transmitter via ultrasonic transmitter
for parameter synchronization. The indicator will flash rapidly while the data
are being transmitted. When the synchronization is completed, the receiver
will receive the corresponding data and the indicator will stop flashing. If
the signal is not received for a certain period of time, the indicator will flash
slowly to inform pairing failure (the slowly flashing indicator can be reset by
pushing any button).
Note: The best pairing distance is 10~60cm, ±30º.
Note2: Only one Microphone can be synchronized at a time. When RX1 is synchronized, RX2
cannot be synchronized. RX2 must wait until RX1 is disconnected from synchronization.
The LCD screen will display the Transmitter Battery Level simultaneously. If the Battery Level
≦ 2V, the battery's outer frame will flash and the backlight will become Red as a warning.
(Model RU-12)


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