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3. Remove the Filter Basket and place a standard
cupcake-style paper coffee filter in it.
4. Put coffee grounds in the filter, using 1 level
tablespoon of drip grind coffee for each cup
(5 oz.) of brewed coffee.
NOTE: Use more or less grounds per cup to suit
your taste. When brewing 2-4 cups, use slightly
more grounds per cup (20 tablespoons maximum).
5. Shake the Filter Basket to spread the grounds,
and place the Filter Basket back in the Coffee-
maker. Be sure the Filter Basket is pushed all the
way into the unit.
6. Place the Carafe on the "Keeps Hot" Plate,
making sure the Carafe Lid is on the Carafe.
7. Depress the ON/OFF Button. A red Power "On"
Light will glow showing the unit is brewing and
the "Keeps Hot" plate will automatically come on.
8. To serve coffee, remove the Carafe from the
"Keeps Hot" Plate. Always keep the Carafe Lid
on the Carafe when pouring.
9. To keep coffee hot, place the Carafe back on the
"Keeps Hot" Plate when not serving.
10. The "Keeps Hot" Plate will remain on for two
hours then will shut off automatically. If you wish
to turn the Coffeemaker off sooner, depress the
ON/OFF Button and the red Power "On" Light
will turn off.
11. If you'd like to extend the "Keeps Hot" after the
auto shut-off, press the ON/OFF Button to turn
the "Keeps Hot" Plate on for two more hours.
NOTE: The amount of coffee in the Carafe may
be slightly less than the amount of water placed
in the Water Reservoir, since some water is
absorbed by the coffee grounds during brewing.

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