Quick Tips; Questions And Answers - Black & Decker DCM200C Use And Care Book Manual

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Quick Tips

1. Do I have to set the clock in order to brew coffee?
No. You don't have to set the clock or the automatic timer to brew
coffee. Simply follow the regular brewing instructions and press the
"On/Off" Button to begin brewing.
2. Do I have to wait until my coffeemaker shuts off automatically to
extend the "Keeps Hot" plate for another two hours?
No. You can extend the "Keeps Hot" plate time for two more hours on
the clock models any time during operation by pressing the "On/Off"
Button twice — once to turn the unit off and again to turn it back on.
3. If there is a power outage, will I lose the brew time I programmed in?
If the power returns within 30 seconds, the automatic power back-up
will save the pre-set brew time and the current time of day on clock
models. If the outage lasts longer than 30 seconds, you will have to
re-program your clock and timer.
4. I have a black model and I noticed a dusty film on the unit.
What should I do?
The black coffeemakers are made of a durable plastic that
occasionally develop a thin white film. This is normal. To restore the
original black sheen, simply wipe the unit with a soft, dry cloth.
5. Will coffee drip from the basket when I remove the carafe during
No. The Sneak-A-Cup™ Interrupt Feature on clock models has a drip
stop that keeps the coffee from dripping when the carafe is removed
to "sneak-a-cup" during brewing. However, be sure to return the
carafe to the "Keeps Hot" plate within 60 seconds to avoid overflow
from the brew basket.
Accessories or parts are available at most Black
& Decker Company-Owned Service Centers
(see list on pgs. 13-14). However, you may order
parts or accessories by phone.
To place an order by phone, call
TOLL-FREE: 1-800-258-6003
Orders may be called in 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST
Monday thru Friday. We accept VISA,
MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
Offer good only in the United States. Allow 3-4
weeks for delivery.

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